Cor­tana to Bat­tle Echo and Google’s Per­son­al Assistant


It’s safe to assume that Amazon’s Echo rules the market for voice-based assistants in the present era, but it’s going to face stiff competition from the likes of Microsoft, who plan to integrate Cortana into your lives so much so that it’s voice assistant can be as good as your personal assistant at work.

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Microsoft has plans to overtake the likes of Echo and Google’s voice assistant — Google Now — as it has plans for Cortana to add to your productivity with integrations such as its Office 365 and its other products.

Microsoft’s idea of Cortana is quite simple as the company aims to provide everyone with a personal assistant.

Last year, Harmon Kardon even announced a smart speaker with Cortana integration to compete with Amazon Echo, but that didn’t go very well for the Washington-based tech giants.

At CES 2017, Microsoft even announced Cortana integration into Nissan cars, meaning the next-gen GT-R or 370z might have the voice-assistant available on its dashboard.

Cortana, which comes with Windows 10, already has users north of 140 million and as the company integrates the voice assistant to work with more gadgets, the number of users are surely going to increase.

How is Cortana Going to be Different from Echo or Google Voice?

While Amazon’s Echo is mostly used to drive their sales as well as to help people gather information about things and entertain them too, Google’s Voice Assistant is primarily used to search for things on Google — both the company’s play on their strong points with their voice assistants.

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In addition to being able to perform the same tasks as Google or Amazon’s voice assistant, Microsoft plans to make Cortana into a productivity tool, which will help you with everything from your business needs to your personal ones.

It’ll also be integrated with LinkedIn, meaning if you’ve a meeting with a certain professional, Cortana will be able to pull out their information from the professional social networking app and enlighten you with it.

The company has also opened Cortana to app developers who can integrate it with their apps to facilitate the users better.

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Microsoft has been developing Cortana to feel more like your personal assistant by implementing it with tech that feels more like a human interaction than a with a bot, learning from chatbots such as Xiaoice, Tay and Zo — all of which the company has invested in.

Microsoft is known for making products towards enhancing professional life, and that’s exactly what they plan to do with Cortana — the voice command assistant will not only learn about your personal life, smart home gadgets but will also understand your professional life.

As the world is diving deeper into self-driving cars, Microsoft’s latest deal with Nissan and others to come will ensure that you’ll be productive even when you’re driving — or being driven — from point A to B, as Microsoft already has its products integrated with your professional life.

There is still a lot of time before we can easily depend on cars to safely transport us without us having to put hands on the steering wheel, but when that time does come, Cortana will probably be the one helping us being productive — office timings might just begin as soon as you step into your vehicle.

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