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Wireless tech comes with its own boon and bane, and so is the case with Apple’s AirPods, which apart from not staying on your ears faces another issue — getting misplaced — and just like your house key, you can’t ring it and find it.

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But thanks to a few developers, there was at least an option to find your lost AirPod via an application called ‘Finder for AirPods’ available on the app store for $3.99.

‘Was’ being the keyword in the last sentence, the app has been removed by Apple from the app store.

The app wasn’t very accurate as it used the AirPod’s Bluetooth frequency to track them down, telling the users if they were near or far from their audio device.

But it was actually better than nothing. Users could at least find the area in which the AirPods might be depending on the signal strength and then try and locate the device by themselves.

Apple taking down the app for not being accurate isn’t a good enough excuse as there are numerous apps on their store which are just as or even more inaccurate when it comes to their productivity aspect.


The application had a quite easy to use UI, which would just signal you when you’re nearing your lost AirPod and go cold when you’re steering away from it.

If you have already purchased the app, then you can ask for a refund via iTunes.

If Apple wants you to go for $69 alternatives for your lost AirPods — that are new AirPod earpieces — then that’s an entirely different story, but taking off the app just because of the inaccuracy aspect is something that doesn’t sit well in my books at least.

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Guiding Tech has contacted Apple for confirmation on the reason for the removal of ‘Finder for AirPod’ app from their app store and will update the story as soon as we have an official statement from them.

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