Top 5 Tech Deals For as Low as $1

Nothing good is cheap in today’s world, except deals on Guiding Tech’s store and we’re going to prove it to you with these deals brimming with discounts — pay a dollar and get what you want.


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1. Pay What You Want: White Hat Hacker 2017 Bundle


Wit the White Hat Hacker 2017 bundle, get to know the latest in ethical hacking tech, protect your systems from all kind of security threats, prepare to become a certified security technician and get paid to protect corporate/government entities.

In addition to all that, identify and destroy security threats, learn how to test Android security with Python and more via this bundle which offers you 63 hours of training divided into eight courses.

2. Pay What You Want: Expert Photography Bundle


With this Expert Photography bundle, study the art of manual shooting and start capturing photos like a pro, learn to choose the right camera and edit images using Photoshop.

Learn to use Lightroom software to master your clicks, learn to click in tricky situations such as low light around the subject and much more in this seven-course bundle spanning over 50 hours. What’s more? You get over 200 stock photos from professional photographers to use too.

3. Pay What You Want: World Travel Hacker Bundle


Using this World Travel Hacker bundle, learn to travel full-time by working from anywhere and earning well too, fly around the world for cheap, get tips to become self-employed and travel, and also learn languages like Spanish and Mandarin, making your travels easier.

4. Pay What You Want: The Marketing Copywriter Bundle


With the Marketing Copywriter bundle, master the art of copywriting and build a brand more effectively, learn SQL and streamline your business — in addition to saving money –, improve your writing and communication skills, learn to utilise the power of the social network and learn the benefits of real-time marketing, using the five courses provided in this bundle.

5. Pay What You Want: Personal Finance Bundle


Using the Personal Finance bundle, learn to create and manage wealth, invest in the stock market with the lowest risk, become financially independent, build passive income, budget your finances better and also learn more about investing your money in place which has low risk and high returns, in this bundle which provides over 33 hours of training material.



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