Mystery Search on Google is Hilarious

If you feel bored using the usual Google search and feel there is more to life than Google is unveiling to you, worry not, the internet has a lot more to offer, and this time it’s Mystery search that takes the cake.

Mystery Search

Mystery search is a hysterical alternative to Google search, which pretty much looks and works the same way as Google and lands you up on a Google page, but not for something that you searched.

Rather, the search engine will give you results for something that the last person before you using the service typed in and hit enter.

The service works in a funny way as it will never give you results for what you’ll search. So, expect the unexpected, and also be warned that this site shouldn’t be used in your office or near children.

While this website isn’t meant to be used as a proper search engine, especially if you’re trying to search something and be productive with your time.

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On the contrary, this can be used to pass your time and have a few laughs looking at what people before you have been searching and pass judgements too, and while this is very less likely, you might even learn something you weren’t aware of, maybe.

We used the Mystery search and Ps. We were feeling lucky.

We were served up with some quite hilarious results while searching for Guiding Tech on the Mystery search as it led us to a theory based on Sherlock Holmes and another was a query for a certain restaurant in Bengaluru.

Google itself has kind of funny searches in its automated search suggestions like ‘how to raise your IQ by eating gifted children’, ‘what’s a boyfriend and where can I download one’, but the not so popular Mystery search is sure to give you a few laughs.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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