Weekly Wrap: Sundar Pichai, Facebook Tracking Users, FIFA 18 and More

A lot has happened this week in tech, and we don’t want you to miss any of it — so in case you were busy throughout the week, we’ve got you covered — we bring you the most interesting news pegs, launches and tips and tricks that the world witnessed in our weekly wrap.

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There were a lot of amazing things happening this week, and we’ll ensure you get served the best of it in a jiffy.

Major News this Week

Sundar Pichai in India: Plans for SMBs and IIT Kharagpur Lecture

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In an event in New Delhi on Wednesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced the launch of Google’s My Business as part of their ‘Digital Unlocked‘ initiative, which will enable more small and medium enterprises to go online and further the cause of Digital India.

The event highlighted that small and medium-sized businesses are an integral part of the Indian economy and to empower them digitally, Google has launched the Digital Unlocked initiative.

Pichai also visited his alma mater, IIT Kharagpur to have a chat with the currently enrolled students there. You can view his visit here.

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This Portable Charger Generates Energy From Us


HandEnergy The brainchild of 19-year-old Michael Vaga, the HandEnergy charges by simple rotation of the hand and can be used to power your phone like any portable charger.

The device is fitted with a gyroscope which produces energy when you rotate the device, and this energy can be used immediately or stored for future use.

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Facebook Tracks You Even When You’re Offline; Creepy Much?

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Facebook makes no secret of the fact that it tracks your activities while you’re logged in and surfing on the social networking site to boost up its ad units.

But the social networking giant has also been collecting information about you from various commercial data brokers.

Since Facebook is a free-to-use platform, a majority of its revenue comes from advertisements. Facebook has clearly mentioned in its privacy policy that it tracks users’ behaviour to serve them ads better suited to their needs and liking.

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This Wearable Will Tell if You’re Drunk Enough to Stop


BACtrack, have now entered into the world of wearables as they’ve launched a wrist strap as well as a strap for Apple Watches that will give you real-time data on your blood alcohol level.

This device is useful for those who want to keep track of their drinking habits, while also ensuring law enforcement don’t have anything on them when getting pulled over.
It can also be used to detect alcohol’s effect on one’s body and blood — helping determine how fast you can get drunk and back to sobriety too.
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Facebook Faces Backlash for Censorship, Again!

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Facebook has come under public criticism again due to their community censorship policy which has now also prohibited a Renaissance-era sculpture — such as the statue of Neptune, an iconic figure in the heart of Bologna, Italy.

A local writer from the city, Elisa Barbari, chose to put up an image of the iconic statue as the cover of her Facebook page but when she tried to promote it, Facebook denied her permission.

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Here’s a Facial Recognition Scrambler to Address Your Privacy Concerns

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Facial recognition software are at an advanced stage today, with Amazon and others testing out shopping using it, Facebook leveraging it to suggest tags to users and cops searching through hundreds of millions of faces on their servers.

Adam Harvey of the HyperFace Project has come up with designs with patterns that would appear as faces to the visual software — confusing the algorithm with an overload of faces so that it isn’t able to tell which one is real.

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Major Launches this Week

Samsung’s Water Resistant Galaxy A Series

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Samsung has officially announced the launch of its 2017 variant of Galaxy A series devices — the A7, A5 and A3 — on Monday and all three of them sport an IP68 certified water and dust resistant design.

The device is currently only being made available in Russia, with global expansion to follow soon.

All the three devices are also equipped with a reversible USB Type-C port and also features an Always on Display which shows the time and calendar, helping users to see those without waking up the device and saving battery life too.

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Dell’s 14 and 15 Inspiron 7000 series


Dell isn’t staying behind in the gamer’s race is all set to give tough competition to Lenovo’s Legion gaming laptops which sport the same graphic card.

The 14-inch laptop gets the GTX 1050 chip while its bigger 15-inch variant gets the GTX 1050 Ti chip. Both the laptops essentially look the same as their 2016 variants but get considerable spec upgrades.

Both the variants are available with an option of either the 7th-gen Core i5 7300HQ processor or the Core i7 7700HQ quad-core processor.

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PowerRay Submersible Drone


The drone is designed to withstand underwater pressure for up to 30 metres and can detect fishes within a distance of 40 metres.

The drone can be connected to a iOS or Android app and can send data, videos and images to it from over 70 metres away via Wi-Fi.

Not only does it find fish for you using its sonar technology combined with LED lights, but will also film your catch in 4K.

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Top Features of the Week

Fix OnePlus 3/3T Battery Drain Problem After Update With These 3 Tips

Battery Drain One Plus 3 1

Not all updates improve a device’s performance, and the Nougat update on the OnePlus 3/3T proves this, bang on. After the Nougat update, the battery life went for a dive.

So we went in search of a solution which would restore the battery life back to normal and we came up with three tried & tested tips to restore the battery life back to its pre-update glory.

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6 Things to Expect in FIFA 18

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FIFA 17 was undoubtedly an amazing game, but improvements always find a room for themselves and with PES 17 given it a tough competition and vying for the top spot among football games, EA will have to up its game.

While there are barely any details on the next FIFA franchise, you just need to see where the game can improve to anticipate what you can expect.

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Top 7 Android Launchers for an Amazing Experience


Android launchers are an integral part of any Android device. Not only do they help to give a different look to the device, but it also helps in making the everyday work easier.

Though there are some launchers available in the Play Store, choosing the one that suits your needs can be quite a task. Worry not, we have made the work easier for you.

Featured in this list are seven cool launchers to give you an amazing experience.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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