BACTrack Skyn Will Notify if You Overshoot Blood Alcohol Level

BACtrack, a company known for making smartphone integrated portable breath analysers, have now entered into the world of wearables as they’ve launched a wrist strap as well as a strap for Apple Watches that will give you real-time data on your blood alcohol level.


In the recent years, wearables have started tracking our heart rate, body mass index, calculating our steps and many other fitness applications, and here is a different one which measures how much alcohol you’ve had.

BACtrack’s Skyn wrist strap will launch in the second or third quarter of the year priced at $99.

“We’re excited to introduce a breakthrough innovation in alcohol monitoring, making it simple for people to track their alcohol level — passively, accurately and near real-time. We’re thrilled to finally share these devices which have been in development for more than two years,” said Keith Nothacker, President and CEO of BACtrack

This device is useful for those who want to keep track of their drinking habits, while also ensuring law enforcement don’t have anything on them when getting pulled over.

It can also be used to detect alcohol’s effect on one’s body and blood — helping determine how fast you can get drunk and back to sobriety too.

“Breath analysers were big and bulky and only available for law enforcement. BACtrack made breath analysers low-cost, sleek, and a safety product that anyone can and should use. We have the same vision for BACtrack Skyn,” Nothacker added.


The BACtrack Skyn can also be used to track usage of another person, especially heavy drinkers those who’re on their way to sobriety.

“We’re excited to bring BACtrack Skyn to market to aid researchers and treatment providers in collecting more reliable data and ultimately, make advances in healthcare treatment,” Nothacker concluded.

Other than that, the device can be set to notify the user via a vibration/alarm before their blood alcohol level shoots up above the legal limit.

The device can identify trends in your drinking and tell you after how many drinks you should stop to avoid getting pulled over and ending up paying a hefty fine, or hurt yourself and someone else too.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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