Dorsey to Heed Snowden’s Sug­ges­tion; Might Let Users Edit Tweets


In the weeks following Snowden’s Q&A session on Periscope as part of the Pardon Snowden campaign, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is now asking users what features they will want to see on Twitter as the new year arrives — and editing tweets is the most requested one.

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The infamous whistleblower, amongst other things, had suggested Dorsey implement an edit tweet option on the platform, like Facebook, which will allow the users to edit tweets after they’ve been sent out — and that’s what the users are asking for too.

On Thursday, Jack Dorsey asked the users, “What’s the most important thing you want to see Twitter improve or create in 2017?”

Following up one of the replies to his tweet, the CEO asked whether the users will like the edit option for a limited time frame after the tweet has been published or not.

The Twitter CEO also mentioned that if and when edit feature will be made available, it’ll be for all users and not just the verified ones.

On Friday, Dorsey put out a tweet suggesting that he believes that ‘a form of’ editing option is needed on the social networking platform but isn’t very sure how to implement it yet.

Complications arising out of unlimited time frame for editing tweets is that Twitter will also have to provide a change log feature alongwith the edits so that users can check what information has been changed on the edited tweet.

As the new year kicks in, Twitter is trying to make several changes to its platform to stay afloat after their acquisition deal didn’t fall through. The company also launched 360-degree live streaming video feature to its Periscope platform.

Another feature that Snowden asked Dorsey to implement on Twitter: “How about secret, burn-after-reading DMs? Even if E2E encryption won’t work by default in all clients, give us a start!”

Twitter is still putting thought into this whole idea of editing tweets, and we can’t expect things to change swiftly on the platform. Talks for this feature are still in the initial stage, and it might be some time before they implement it.

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