Our 7 Videos You Ought to Watch Before 2016 Ends


2016 is coming to an end and as the new year kicks in, we bring you the selection of our finest videos from this year that you ought to watch.

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Top 21 Cool New Whatsapp Tricks You Should Check

Presenting 21 cool new and amazing WhatsApp tips and tricks every WhatsApp user must know. We have included all the latest tips and also highlighted some of the old ones which still proves to be helpful.

Read the detailed article here.

All the tricks mentioned in the video work on the latest version of WhatsApp on Android. We have not tested it on iOS but we think most of them should work on iPhone too. Just make sure that you have the latest WhatsApp version installed, both on Android and iPhone

Download links for additional apps for some features:

Here’s a detailed guide on how you can download official beta version of any app from Play Store.

Top 20 Best Android Apps of 2016

Join us as we round up the best Android apps released in 2016 and we have taken efforts to only include the apps that are fresh and released in 2016.

Check out the top 20 apps that were released for Android in 2016 that we think are the best and if you haven’t installed and tried them yet, make sure you do before the year ends.

If you think any other app should have been included in the list of best Android apps of 2016, please make sure you give them an honourable mention in the comment section.

App Download Links:

9 Awesome Android Tips You Probably Don’t Know

Here’s a list of 9 clever things you didn’t know your Android could do.

1. Test Remote Batteries: Remote uses IR light to control the TV, which is not visible to human eyes. However, the camera sensor is sensitive to infrared light which is shown as visible red light, telling you if the batteries need to be changed or if the remote is broken.

2. Android phone accelerometer can be easily used as a lever for home DIY tasks. Just install Bubble Level from Play Store.

3. You can turn your Android phone into a monitor that gives you a live feed of any room. It can act as a baby monitor, security surveillance for home, shops, or office. Install Camera Stream, a free app from the Play Store, and stream the feed right on your browser.

4. For people who love gaming, turn your Android into a wireless gaming controller using DroidMote appRead our guide on how to configure the app here.

5. If your phone has an IR blaster, you can use it to control electric devices like TVs, AC, Music Systems. These phones come with a default app. But if you don’t find your device in there, here are 3 additional alternatives you can try.

6. Using an app like Smart Tools, you can measure approximate height and distance of an object. – http://goo.gl/nsSd4m

Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone Speed Test

Jio speed test results are decreasing and after the launch, people are not getting the kind of speed they expected. So here’s a battle of speed for Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone. So will Jio beat other networks or is it another tech fail of 2016?

We have covered major parts of Delhi and conducted speed test in hot locations to give you a clear picture of how the speed are between these three networks.

Places covered:

  • India Gate
  • Lodhi Garden
  • Hauz Khas
  • NH 10
  • Rajouri Garden

OnePlus 3 Review (Long Term)

This is the Guiding Tech review of OnePlus 3 After 45 days.

We will be talking about my overall experience with the OnePlus 3 using it as my primary device for last 45 days. We will also be covering performance, battery life, call quality and then give the verdict if the phone is really a flagship killer for the year.

Top 5 Camera Phones Under Rs.15000

Here is our recommendation for the top 5 camera phones for less than 15000 you can buy in India right now.

Links to Buy the Phones:

Top 7 Google Maps Tips and Tricks

Google Maps is just not for guiding your way from one point to anther. There’s a lot more to it than just providing you with the best route.

In this video, let’s find out what else you can do with Google Maps.We talk about top 7 tips and tricks to get your started. So do make sure you use these tips on your daily commute.

Download Velociraptor – Map Speed Limit

Guiding Tech Team wishes you wonderful readers a Happy New Year!

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