Easily Record Pro-Quality Videos on Your Android

Surely you all must be knowing that we here at GT, create high-quality tech videos for our YouTube channel. Unquestionably, creating such videos can be fun and amusing but there’s this thing that challenges our anchors  — remembering the script. At times when there’s a derailment in the train of thoughts, we turn to the usual solution of re-takes. On the bright side, we get tons of footages for bloopers (which are an absolute delight to watch) but when it comes to shooting with a video camera, we do have a savior in a teleprompter.

Selvi Teleprompter Camera

But the situation narrows down dramatically while recording with phones and you are left with no option but to memorize the complicated script. Oh, the horror of it.

Worry not, we have a savior lurking in the Play Store.

A quick search on Google led me to an app called Selvi – Teleprompter Camera, which has brought the teleprompter concept into the smartphone.

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Selvi: An Overview

Selvi is a delightful combination of having a teleprompter in your smartphone camera. So bid adieu to the old concept of writing down cues and the next thing you know, you are making pro-level videos by reading the script right off from the screen.

Selvi Teleprompter Camera 2
Selvi Teleprompter Camera 3

The app design is simple yet clever,  all the features that you need are placed right on the camera screen. Whether it’s the speed or the size of the script box, everything can be adjusted with a swipe.

Selvi Teleprompter Camera 1

And when it comes to making a video, the one thing that everyone watches out for is the video quality. Selvi has it covered as well, it offers three choices to choose from — VGA, 720p, and 1080p.

The text or the script can be added and saved for future reference. And the good thing is that the task of creating the script isn’t limited to the app itself, they can be imported as well. So, if you have written a script outside the app, all you have to do is tap on import and bring it in.

Now that we have seen the app rundown, let’s quickly summarize on how the app works.

How it Works

So once the script has been added, tap on it to launch the camera. The blue button is for the script to start rolling and as obvious, the red one is for the recorder.

Selvi Teleprompter Camera
Selvi Teleprompter Camera 9

One thing that you will have to be super cautious is that the recording doesn’t auto-start when the prompter starts. It happened a couple of times with me and I went on blabbering but got no footage at the end. Quite a bummer, it was.


Despite the fact that Selvi will certainly help in creating a great video, but there are certain areas where you need to make some compromises.

The Selvi camera doesn’t come with focus or flash, so the if you were thinking of creating a video in a low light condition, that’s a strict no-no.

Plus, if you really wanted the camera to focus on a particular subject, be prepared to rely on your memorizing abilities.

Is it Worth It?

It will prove to be a really convenient app to have when you are planning to post pro-quality videos to Facebook or Instagram. It will be a delight to watch a video with no ‘mmm…aaaaa’ in between. Overall, it’s a useful app to have, for you never know when you might need to record a suave video.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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