4 Tips for Con­quer­ing Super Mario Run

George Tinari

If you’re like me, you downloaded Super Mario Run and you realized it doesn’t take very much time at all to get through the entire tour. It’s fun, but is this all there is to Super Mario Run? The answer: no way.

Make the most of Nintendo's hot new iOS game. | Photo: Nintendo
Make the most of Nintendo’s hot new iOS game. | Photo: Nintendo

If you really want to master Super Mario Run, you can take advantage of plenty of other gameplay. That includes bonus games, toad rallies and building your Mushroom Kingdom. Plus there are easy ways to boost your scores in tour mode and unlock new rewards. Ultimately, if you want to conquer the game and get the most for the 10 bucks you spent, check out these four tips.

Collect Pink, Purple, and Black Coins

Those pink coins you see in every level of the tour aren’t just there to look pretty. Collecting all five in a level unlocks toad rally tickets that you can use to participate in rallies. But don’t stop there. Once you get all five pink coins, purple coins will appear in that level in totally different places. Get those to earn more toad rally tickets, then finally collect all the new black coins that appear in a level.

super-mario-run-my-nintendo-coins-kingdom-friends-7 super-mario-run-my-nintendo-coins-kingdom-friends-8

On top of earning you all these additional toad rally tickets, these multiple colors of coins ensure replaying levels over and over again is fun every time. They present new challenges and also new ways to earn more regular coins which you can spend on Mushroom Kingdom additions and rewards.

Build Out Your Kingdom

super-mario-run-my-nintendo-coins-kingdom-friends-1 super-mario-run-my-nintendo-coins-kingdom-friends-2

All the coins you earn can go toward building out your Mushroom Kingdom. You can add anything from small decorations to pretty up the place or entire buildings that unlock new gameplay. Some of these buildings have rewards or bonus games within them that you can play once every eight hours. Playing gives you a chance at winning a toad rally ticket or additional coins. Expanding your kingdom is a great way to add even more value to Super Mario Run beyond the tour and rally modes.

Add Friends to Compare Scores

Get plenty of friends on board playing Super Mario Run. Once you add friends, you’ll be able to see their high scores for each level in tour mode. It’s a great motivational tool to get you to want to beat that score. Plus, while you’re attempting to beat the score, you might as well take a crack at all of those pink, purple and black coins too.

super-mario-run-my-nintendo-coins-kingdom-friends-3 super-mario-run-my-nintendo-coins-kingdom-friends-6

Tap Friends while viewing your Mushroom Kingdom, then tap Add to get your player ID and send it to a friend.

While it’s not yet possible to compete against friends directly — just participate in “friendly runs,” another social aspect is rally mode. This is where you spend your toad rally tickets to play against other online players. In a single level, you’re racing against the clock to collect the most coins and earn the support of the most toads.

Collect My Nintendo Points for Rewards

These My Nintendo points can get you regular coins, toad rally tickets, or my personal favorite: a golden statue of Mario.

super-mario-run-my-nintendo-coins-kingdom-friends-4 super-mario-run-my-nintendo-coins-kingdom-friends-5

My Nintendo points are another form of currency beyond coins and toad rally tickets. You earn these mostly by just going through the paces. You get some after completing each world, after linking your Nintendo account, participating in daily challenges, etc. These My Nintendo points can get you regular coins, toad rally tickets, or my personal favorite: a golden statue of Mario. (It’s just virtual, unfortunately.)

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