OnePlus 3T Might Come Cheaper in 2017


The China-based flagship killer is all set to start production of their premier device — the OnePlus 3T — in India from early next year, and that might mean that you’ll get the devices for a relatively cheaper price.


According to a Reuters report, the growing demand for their flagship device has led the company to think about reinstating their manufacturing units in India.

Previously, in 2015, OnePlus had struck a deal with Foxconn Technologies to manufacture their mid-segment ‘X’ model phones in Andhra Pradesh, India, but the deal was discontinued earlier this year.

Vikas Agarwal, General Manager of OnePlus India, stated in the report that the company lost prospective clients due to the stock-outs and to avoid that in the future there are in ongoing talks about setting up manufacturing units for their flagship devices in India in the first quarter of 2017.

India is the second largest smartphone consumer market at the moment in the world and tech researchers IDC have put OnePlus on the third spot for having the biggest market share among premium phones sellers (>Rs.20000).

The first and second position goes to South Korean Samsung Electronics and China’s Oppo, respectively.

OnePlus’ Plans for India

The company has no plans to enter the retail market and have set their eyes on selling their devices via their online partners — Amazon.

Recently, Flipkart pulled a stunt which didn’t sell well with Carl Pei, CEO of OnePlus as he reiterated that their devices should only be bought via their official partners.

They’re also going to open six more service centres, which will be in addition to the existing seven service centres of OnePlus and 60 third-party service centres.

The company also plans to launch a hub in Bangalore, which customers can visit and experience the devices first hand.

Setting up of manufacturing units in India will not only result in a shorter waiting period for the customers as the shipping time decreases considerably but might also mean that the company slashes the device prices by a little bit at least as the cost borne by the company will drop too.

Other Company’s Setting Manufacturing Units in India

The government has been encouraging foreign and indigenous phone makers to set up their manufacturing units inside the country rather than importing the devices, and a number of smartphone makers have given some serious thought towards this end.

Companies such as Intex, LeEco and Oppo have invested vast sums in setting up manufacturing units in and around Noida by next year.

Micromax is also set to open up their manufacturing units in India, with one already up in Telangana and more to come.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Gionee is also in talks with the Haryana government to open up a factory in Faridabad.

Having indigenous manufacturing units will enable the smartphone makers to cut down on import-based costs such as shipping and taxes and will also allow them to price their devices at a more competitive pricing, translating into a boon for the buyers.

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