Cyclone Var­dah Induced Inter­net Dis­rup­tion an Issue for Cash­less India


Cyclone Vardah has hit the Southern coast of India with intense spells of rain over Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and parts of Karnataka too, and alongwith it has also dealt a severe blow to the services of several internet service providers nationwide.

No Internet

Internet service providers like ACT, YOU have cited disconnection issues in their networks due to the cyclone and other networks such has BSNL, Spectranet and Hathway are facing slow connections too.

Users on mobile networks such as Reliance Jio and Airtel have also faced the wrath of cyclone Vardah.

The cyclone has caused massive destruction of property and nature such as broken pillars and fallen trees, which have hindered with the wired internet fibernet networks. There has been extensive damage in Chennai and adjoining areas which have caused a disturbance on networks based out of Southern part of India and others operating from their too.

Internet Service Disruption is Troublesome for India

It has been little more than a month since the demonetisation drive by the PM Modi-led government started and still there is a major cash crunch as people fight it out in ATM and bank lines to get some physical currency from their own hard earned savings.

Airtel Message
An update from Airtel
Since online payments using various mobile wallets, card payments and online transactions is the only way left for the citizenry to survive during this cash crunch, a smooth running internet service which facilitates all these transactions is of paramount importance.

Last month, when demonetisation stuck our economy, debit card machines and online transactions were already facing the brunt of the decision due to overload — which has now largely improved — but issues with the internet connection is going to cause further unrest among the populace who’ve already been through a sea of changes in the past month.

Although a largely cash-based economy, the citizens have been trying very hard to adjust to the new digital way but such service outages can create a ruckus and clearly the government isn’t ready for it — as was the case with the demonetisation move in the first place.

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