Samsung Galaxy Note7 Will Stop Charging After the Next Update


One of the biggest tech fails of the year, Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 which was recalled earlier this year due to battery issues is going to get another update and it’s not going to be pretty for the users who’re still looming on the failed piece of tech.

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If you’re still in awe with your Galaxy Note7, here is a bad news for you, as the new update which has been slated for December 19, 2016, will turn your device into a brick.

The company is going to push forward an update which will render all the remaining 7% of the Galaxy Note7 devices in the US, useless.

“Consumer safety remains our highest priority and we’ve had overwhelming participation in the U.S. Note7 Refund and Exchange Program so far, with more than 93 percent of all recalled Galaxy Note7 devices returned,” Samsung states.

The New Update Will Turn All Galaxy Note 7s Useless

The upcoming update will stop the device’s charging capabilities and also will restrict its access to mobile networks, which means that if you update your device it will stop charging processes immediately and you will be cut off from all wireless networks — mobile and Wi-Fi. But there is no need to worry as such because the company’s recall refund policy is still up for the takes.

“To further increase participation, a software update will be released starting on December 19th that will prevent U.S. Galaxy Note7 devices from charging and will eliminate their ability to work as mobile devices. If you have not yet returned your device, you should immediately power it down and contact your carrier to obtain a refund or exchange,” the company added.

The recall-refund policy covers you if you wish to refund your Galaxy Note7, exchange it for another Samsung device or even if you want to exchange your device for some other brand.

Few telecom providers in the US like Verizon have denied conforming with Samsung upcoming update for the Galaxy Note7, stating, “We will not push a software upgrade that will eliminate the ability for the Note7 to work as a mobile device in the heart of the holiday travel season. We do not want to make it impossible to contact family, first responders or medical professionals in an emergency situation.”

Other telecom providers like AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have all agreed to roll out the updates as planned by Samsung. The company is taken these steps to avoid any future issues caused due to the devices exploding potential due to faulty batteries.

The company’s refund policy is a great step forward to make their clientele a happier lot, but such fails in future devices won’t go well with the company’s market share as more and more new smartphone makers enter the global arena.

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