Here is Why Apple AirPods Are Being Delayed


In a very bold move, Apple did away with headphone jacks in the iPhone 7 a few months ago and decided to go wireless for music with their AirPods, but they are yet to hit the market though a December launch was announced earlier.


The AirPods were first slated for release in a month following the launch of iPhone 7, in October, but the company confirmed that the manufacturing had been delayed.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, the AirPods have been delayed due to manufacturing issues — citing issues related to bluetooth connectivity. A source from the company confirmed that Apple doesn’t deem the AirPods fit to be released into the market.

This would be the first time since 2010 that Apple has delayed the launch of one of its products. Back then it was the iPhone 4 that was delayed.

Generally, bluetooth headsets use a single signal from the paired device to function but in the case of the AirPods, each of the unit receives a unique signal and the company is having some issues syncing the two, suggested the WSJ report.

The AirPods are being installed with Apple’s W1 chip, which work on low-power — giving additional battery life — and is already in use in variants of Beats wireless headphones. So there can be no issue over the chip and its functionality in the AirPods as well.

Priced at $159, the AirPods Are an Expensive Bet


In September 2016, Apple’s Marketing Chief, Phil Schiller, said that the AirPods were a step towards a wireless future, but delay in delivering the promised product has sent many Apple users fuming.

Priced at $159 (approximately Rs. 10,700) in the US, the AirPods are expected to hit the Indian market with a price tag of close to Rs. 15,000.

Another report claims that the AirPods work fine but production on a mass scale has been hindered due to unforeseen issues.

First of all, it was a not so welcome idea by the multinational to delve so far into the future that they’ve lost footing in the present.

The earphones are overly expensive and it doesn’t make sense for Apple to delay the production of a product which complement their latest iPhone, that too when holiday season is around and people are on a shopping spree.

Apple’s move to remove the headphone jack completely hasn’t been well received and plus the pricing on their much-awaited AirPods is an added disadvantage for anyone who wants to sport the earphones — given that there are many other options at the same price, or even less which can give the audio quality that the AirPods won’t deliver.

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