Grassfiti Turns Your Lawn Into Snazzy Artwork

Cutting your overgrown grass is a thing of the past. Welcome to the era where you can go Banksy on your lawn and customise it to suit your style. With this piece of tech, you can create customised graffitis on grass and jazz up your lawn a bit.

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One of the least enjoyable tasks in life is to mow the lawn, but now you can do more than just mow it down. Try drawing some graffitis on the surface of your lawn and impress passers-by, friends and neighbours alike with the magic of this Grassfiti machine.

Designed by Yuta Sugiura, who had also designed a carpet printer last year, this piece of machinery will delight all those who are constantly looking after their garden to make them look better.

Now you can draw your favourite graffiti on your lawn in an easy way.

The device uses a series of 16 servomotors and rotary encoder to draw on the grass. The servomotors lift and flatten the blades to complement the graffiti you draw on the display of the device, as the machine is moved slowly on the grass surface.

The rotary encoders measure the horizontal movement of the machine as the servomotors raise the grass surface to bring out the shape you intended to. Note that this machine doesn’t mow your lawn, rather gives it an artsy touch without damaging the grass.

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Given that there is limited resolution to draw your image on the Grassfiti machine’s display, it doesn’t produce artwork as detailed as Sugiura’s carpet printer but nonetheless, it’s not meant to create your lawn into a collection from the Smithsonian.

Users can create patterns using a pen or their fingers.

Even if you want to be the next Banksy of your neighbourhood, you can draw small parts of your arts and print them one by one — this surely would take up a lot of time but whosoever said it was easy to be one of the most recognised creative guys of the modern era, they certainly didn’t know what they are talking about.

With the kind of potential this product offers, don’t be surprised if in the near future you see advertisements of famous brands in public parks.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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