Flash Ruin­ing Your Night Time Pho­tog­ra­phy Expe­ri­ence? Try Casio’s New Camera


You must have encountered issues in taking low light photographs using the flash in your camera, but the result might not seem as great as you’d have wished. An answer to your night time photography woes, Casio has come up with a rugged camera with 1.9MP sensors. This might seem a tad bit outdated but wait till you know the reason for the company’s decision.

Casio Cam

Casio’s answer for night time photography, the EX-FR 110 H, comes with lower pixel density which means that the pixel size will be bigger, all other things being the same, and will result in a better photograph during low light.

You can record 1080p videos on the device alongwith still photographs at a whopping 51200 ISO setting.

The sensor on the camera is 1/2.8 inch with a 20mm wide lens and comes with a detachable controller.

You might feel that these specifications are a bit of a downgrade, but this one isn’t a conventional DSLR, rather it is targeted towards taking shots in immense low-light conditions — shots which otherwise will not be possible to take.

The camera comes in a wearable design which will surely attract a lot of suitors, who’re looking for a camera to shoot their cave expeditions or late night jungle safaris.

Casio Cam 1

Casio’s new offering is set to be released on December 9, 2016, in Japan, with the worldwide release yet to be announced.

It’s worth noting that the camera will need some or the other light source to come out with a shot, photographs can’t be clicked in pitch dark conditions.

The company claims that the battery of the FR 110 H will stay for 290 clicks and the company has also fitted the device with shake reduction technology to help users get the best output from the limited pixels available on the camera.

Casio Cam 2

The camera also transfers images directly to a connected smartphone via Bluetooth. It’s a possibility that some devices might not connect to the camera directly, but the company has that covered too with their Exilim Connect app, which is exclusively developed for this very purpose.

You can even pair two cameras to a single connector and get wider shots or maybe from different perspectives.

This device is particularly meant for exceptionally low-light photography and should not be misinterpreted as a substitute to your regular DSLR.

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