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Only available for the beta testers for past several weeks, WhatsApp has now made its video streaming while a shared video is downloaded, and GIF sharing features available for all the users worldwide.


Earlier the users were only able to view the videos shared with them on the WhatsApp messenger after it has been downloaded, but now you can stream the video while it downloads in the background.

The video will not download if you don’t want to unless your data usage settings allow the app to download video over Wi-Fi.

You can stream the video first without downloading it and later on can download it if you want.

If you’ve updated your WhasApp, it will show a download icon on the bottom left of the video and a play button in the middle (as shown in the image below).


Initially, WhatsApp had a feature to turn any video into a 6-second GIF and share it with your contacts, but now you can share GIFs from the internet as they are and don’t need to make your own — though you still have the option to make your GIFs.

Users can now even crop the GIFs before sending sharing them. You can make a GIF out of any video just by going to the option of sending a video to your contact and decreasing the length of the video using the scroller to six seconds or less.

As soon as you do that, a GIF option will appear on the top right corner of the screen. Simple, just tap it and send the GIF you just created.


Other Cool Features on WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows users to doodle on photos that they’re going to send. You’ll have to choose the photo sharing icon the bottom right of the chat box to be able to doodle. Not only can you doodle, but also add emojis or write on the photo as well.

Another useful feature that WhatsApp introduced on Android and iOS devices is that you can send Voice mail in case someone misses your call or declines it.

Once the call is rejected or isn’t picked up, you’re presented with three options to cancel the call, call back or record a voice message. The recorded message will be sent to the user as a voice message on the chat.


WhatsApp has been adding scores of other features to the app such as video calling and updates to its camera which allows users to click better selfies even in dim lights.

The Facebook-owned messaging service already boasts of more than a billion users and has been rolling out helpful updates to the app over the year, giving tough competition to other messaging services like Telegram, WeChat and the recently introduced Google Allo.

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