4 Reasons Google Allo Failed to Gain Popularity

Google Allo, the messaging app by Google Inc. was a hit during its launch as it garnered 5 million downloads in the first few days, but its growth has gone stagnant ever since.

Google Allo

With numerous other popular messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Hike and many others, Allo has been struggling to find its ground.

Google Allo comes with the Google Assistant and loads of other features like chatting one-on-one in incognito mode, smart reply and text resizing, but it fails on many other accounts.

Absence of End to End Encryption

There are privacy concerns regarding Allo, which doesn’t come with an end-to-end encryption during chats — as is the case with Whatsapp — and all the conversations between you and your Google Assistant is saved on Google’s servers.

No File Sharing Feature

Like WhatsApp, Google Allo allows you to share photos, location and stickers but doesn’t allow users to share documents. Document sharing feature is available both in WhatsApp and Telegram.

No Video Calling

Whatsapp Video 1

Allo doesn’t allow users to participate in video calls. Google Duo takes care of that, but the video call feature could as well have been included in Google Allo. WhatsApp launched its video call feature last month which like Duo also works well in low bandwidth areas.

No Calling Feature

WhatsApp call is a very useful feature, as the company itself stated that users had used its calling feature over 100 million times in less than a year of its release. Allo lacks the calling feature, which again doesn’t eat up into your data pack on WhatsApp and saves you money on calls; making voice calls a popular feature.

Services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger already have a billion-plus strong user base, and it’ll be tough for Google Allo to compete with them at such a nascent stage.

Google lacks presence in the social media and messaging sphere, where Facebook has firmly planted its flag. But given the prospect of the growing internet users worldwide as internet penetration increases, Google’s Allo can compete with established messaging services.

Google needs to add features to Allo because an average user isn’t looking for multiple apps to sport different features but a single app which can give them as many features as possible — reducing the clutter.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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