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The radio has been dying lately. Many of us only have FM radios because they come equipped on our iPod docks, and we only listen to it in the car. This means we have to explore new ways of discovering new music. The evolution of the Internet has led us to look online for more music.

The beauty of accessing music in the cloud is that it’s available whenever and wherever the Internet is. Free streaming means that you don’t have to pay to listen to music, and you can explore more music from favorite genres. Grooveshark has a huge database online of numerous mixes, remixes, and playlists that users have uploaded.

Grooveshark Overview

Grooveshark’s UI is unique and quite simple. It has four panes: one stays constant on the right, and is the link to navigation. You can find playlists, collections, and your music here. The bottom pane displays the current playlist, and song information. The biggest pane displays playlists and songs.

Grooveshark Playlist

Grooveshark features certain radio stations by default, where they stream music. These songs can be added to your collection or playlist if you like, which is a great way to find new music. It automatically gives you the name, artist, and even potentially album artwork of the song.

Grooveshark Radio

Grooveshark also allows you to upload your own songs, which means you can stream your own music if your tastes are really unique.

Grooveshark Upload

There’s also a social side to Grooveshark, which enables you to share your music with networks like, Google, and Facebook.

The downside to streaming music is that it’s not available or convenient when Internet is scarce or slow. There have been times when Wi-Fi signals are weak that I wish I had a downloaded copy of a song, and streaming was slow and very scattered. I’d use Grooveshark as merely a sampling tool to try new music out, and purchase the ones that I really like.

Grooveshark Hacks

Due to Grooveshark’s popularity, there are tons of extensions for Firefox and Chrome out there that can enhance the experience. For example, keySharky allows keyboard shortcut control for Grooveshark, which is a key additional feature.

If those advertisements bother you, AdBlock for Google Chrome works well with Grooveshark. For a full list, check out Make Tech Easier’s post on Grooveshark tweaks.

If you’re looking for a way to check out new music or stream music and saving hard drive space, give Grooveshark a whirl. It’s free, so you don’t lose anything. You can also try finding music through Jango, which is a music engine that bends and moulds itself to your musical tastes. RadioTime is another web app that allows for music discovery.

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