Thinkery is a Quick and Efficient Note Taking and Organizing Tool

Recording your thoughts is a habit that has widely been embraced by the masses. More and more people have invested in Moleskines and notepads, and there are tools like Google’s Notebook web app that facilitate quick note taking. Thinkery is a bookmarklet available for all browsers that allows you to quickly capture anything that comes to your mind and anything that you come across on the web and would like to preserve for future reference. Sign up for a free account to get started.


You can use Thinkery to record and organize your thoughts. You can use tags or keywords to keep similar thoughts together and make them easy to find. Thinkery also allows you to make notes based on the URL or thought, so that you can elaborate on it more to record the complete thought. This becomes a lot more useful when you’re browsing the Internet, and want to keep track of interesting articles or videos you view.


The UI of Thinkery is very simple, with just three columns. The color scheme is also rather minimalist, featuring a white background and grey accents.


The wonderful thing about Thinkery is it automatically categorizes your links according to the type of media it is. For example, if you input a YouTube link into Thinkery, it will import the title, URL, and an embedded version of the video itself. Similarly, if the link leads to an article, Thinkery imports the article and you can read it from within the application. This makes Thinkery a lot more convenient and a great aggregator for all types of media.


Thinkery allows you to edit each entry. For example, it empowers you to change the title of an article to something more meaningful or responsive to you.

Pre Edit

Post Edit

Similarly, it also allows you to add tags into the title, which will allow you to group similar thoughts together. By typing # in front of anything (i.e. #keyword), you automatically make the keyword a tag. The tag becomes a hyperlink and will display all posts with the same keyword when you click on it.

Pre Tag

Post Tag

There are keyboard shortcuts for Thinkery, which is a plus. Keyboard shortcuts are starting to become a welcome standard for web apps, as they have the potential to increase efficiency and productivity.


For those of you who use Chrome, there’s also a Thinkery extension that features a simple icon. It simply replaces the bookmarklet and offers a cleaner alternative.


Thinkery is a sweet, free alternative to a regular text file or a Moleskine. If you haven’t been recording your thoughts down, you might want to give Thinkery a try. It could clear up your head!

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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