is a Super Simple Startpage For a Productive Start to the Day

The search for a new home page for your browser (or a startpage as they are known as) entails certain criteria. Should it have more or less distraction? Should it be focused and simple, or flashy and informative? is a browser startpage that displays icons hyperlinked to your favorite websites. . It’s a very simple concept, and doesn’t feature any words or headlines. There is an option to display a search bar which can be adjusted to your favorite search engine.


The background of starts off with a default, dull kind of silver. I am a much bigger fan of the Gradient Glow options that are featured on the website. has a variety of options including Wood, and sub-options that allow you to select different variants of the background (for example, you can select Mahogany after Wood).


There are also a bunch of different layouts to choose from. There is the default Single Row Multipage, which features four icons per page by default. There is also the Single Row Magic Scroll, which features unlimited icons as you can simply scroll left or right to see more. Lastly, there is the Grid which allows for up to 16 icons to be placed on a page. I personally love the Magic Scroll, as I find it to be the most creative and visually appealing.

Layout has a standard collection of many websites to choose from, with pre-loaded icons. I was able to find four of my favorites, including Instapaper to my delight.


For all of you with more unique taste than myself, allows you to select from its collection of icons and attach your own URL to it. This does allow for more freedom, but I was hoping that would take it a step further and enable uploading your own .jpeg or .png file to the website. Nonetheless, this is still a great addition and functionally speaking is perfectly acceptable.


The keyboard shortcuts also add an interesting touch, because they allow for quick access. Users can choose between the home row (a, s, d, f, etc…) or numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, etc..). This is a pretty useful tool, especially for keyboard junkies like myself because they allow for a quicker jump to whatever resource I might be needing.


If you’re looking for a sweet, simple, and focused portal to start your browsing experience, give a whirl. Tweak it to your suit your tastes, and choose your favorite web pages! If you like it, create an account and will save your preferences.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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