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Microsoft has launched its famous collection of Solitaire games for Android and iOS platforms, 26 years after the game made its debut on Windows PC.


Arguably, one of the most famous games on PC, majorly because its inception dates back to the early 90s when gaming on PC was still in its infancy, unlike today.

In August 2016, Microsoft claimed to have reached a 100 million unique Solitaire Collection players on Windows OS and have now launched the game’s Android and iOS version.

The game has received Xbox Live Support since it was launched along with Windows 8 and players can compete with friends and family, and also earn Xbox achievements.

The game is free to play, with in-app purchases which range from Rs.65 to Rs.690 per item.

The ‘Microsoft Solitaire Collection’ consists of a set of five different Solitaire games in a single app.

  • Klondike
  • Spider
  • Freecell
  • Tripeaks
  • Pyramid


In addition to this, the game also features a ‘Daily Challenge’ section, which will keep passing new challenges each day with different levels of difficulty. Completion of these challenges will earn you rewards and badges.

There are scores of other Solitaire game apps on the Play Store, which might be equally good or even better but this one is the real deal as it comes from the original creators of the game — Microsoft Corporation — and lets you save your progress and game data on cloud.

Klondike (L) Freecell (R)
Klondike (L) Freecell (R)

The game was first launched alongwith Windows 3.0 in 1990 and was created by Wes Cherry, who at the time was an intern at Microsoft and wasn’t paid for the development of the game.

“I wrote it for Windows 2.1 in my own time while an intern at Microsoft during the summer of 1988. I had played a similar solitaire game on the Mac and wanted a version for myself at Windows,” Wes Cherry said in a Reddit thread.

Currently, as a promotional offer, Microsoft is offering all the players a Free Premium account for one month — which translates to no in-game ads, game boosts, double coin rewards for all daily challenges. This offer is only valid until December 31, 2016.

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