OnePlus Gear Now Available in India as Company Teases 3T Launch


Having captured the Indian mobile consumers’ attention, OnePlus is planning to start shipping its flagship device OnePlus 3T soon to India, but for now, the company has lined up four new accessories on their online store for India.


Although there aren’t many gears on sale in OnePlus’ store, but with these new additions to their line of accessories, the Chinese smartphone maker is sure planning to make more eyeballs roll towards their products.

The booming mobile market of India has been a target of many Chinese smartphone companies and others from across the globe, but the flagship killer — OnePlus — has managed to sway the market to their advantage with their exciting phones.

Earlier this year, OnePlus had reportedly already captured 7% of the market share in India of phones priced more than Rs. 20,000.

What’s New in the Store?

Apart from protective cases, tempered screen protectors, chargers and earphones, the company has now added four more products for their customers on their online store.

  • Travel Backpack worth Rs. 2,999
  • Travel Messenger Bag worth Rs. 2,999
  • ‘Never Settle’ T-shirt worth Rs. 999
  • ‘Dash Charge’ T-shirt worth Rs. 999


What’s Worth Investing in?

The T-shirts are well, a bit overpriced for the Indian market, but if you really love your OnePlus device or are eyeing the upcoming OnePlus 3T, you can as well show your support for the unconventional company by donning one of their T-shirts.

The Backpack, on the other hand, can be a useful investment as it truly looks like a perfect travel mate with ample amount of space for a 15.6″ laptop, a magazine or two and utilitarian pockets for accessories and other small stuff you’d like to carry.

The Messenger Bag is a pragmatic solution if you’re more into sling bags than conventional backpacks. Although smaller in size, the bag can carry a 13″ laptop, alongwith other files, magazines and also has multiple pockets on the inside to keep your device, charger and other stuff.

When is the OnePlus 3T Coming to India?

The company has already begun the sale of its latest device in the USA and Canada and the Europe launch is scheduled for later this month on November 28, but the exact India launch date is yet to be unveiled.

Speculations persist that the device will be launched in India in December as the GM of OnePlus India — Vikas — is teasing the crowd with a truth and dare poll on Facebook.


I dared him because an AMA session won’t be as fun as Vikas bungee jumping while announcing the launch date. Hope you do the same — as OnePlus says ‘Never Settle’ for less.

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