Twit­ter Sus­pends its Own CEO’s Account


It has been a month of chaos for the social media giants as following Facebook’s glitch where they declared many of us dead (including CEO Mark Zuckerberg), Twitter mistakenly suspended its own CEO Jack Dorsey’s account for a few hours.

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Twitter hopped onto the glitch bandwagon as they suspended Co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey’s account, who had put in hours and hours of work to set up and develop the company from scratch.

He posted a reprise of his first tweet soon after his account was reactivated following the account suspension glitch.

Following years of pressure to tackle abuse and trolling among its user base, Twitter had recently suspended several accounts of prominent personalities associated with the ‘white nationalist’ movement in the US to combat abuse on their platform.

Two of the biggest social media companies are in for an embarrassing throwback whenever they look at dates marked November 2016.

Twitter cracking down on abuse on its platform doesn’t come as a surprise, especially since the social media company was in the news a few months back as the next big acquisition in the tech world.

But due to the heavy presence of trolls and abusive behaviour among its user base, no headway was made by either Disney or Salesforce, who were reportedly interested in acquiring the company.

How to Escape Abuse on Twitter?

In a move to counter abuse on their platform, Twitter came up with a ‘mute’ option that allows its users to censor keywords, phrases, emoji, usernames and hashtags from their feed.

This can simply be done by accessing your notification settings and manually adding items you’d like to be muted from your notification tab and push notifications.

Tweets containing muted items won’t appear on your notifications, although they still may be included in your search results. Twitter is currently working to ensure you don’t see the muted items anywhere on your twitter account.

You also have the option to mute conversations — just tap on the ‘down arrow’ on a tweet in the conversation and select ‘mute this conversation’ option from the pop-up. You won’t receive any notifications from the given conversation henceforth until you undo your choice.

People having control over muting items that they want to see is a welcome move by Twitter as now it has become easier to avoid the harassment faced by Twitter users.

There has been no official word from Twitter on the glitch that saw the social media giant suspending its CEO and co-founder’s account, but it sure is not such a happy November for the staff at Twitter and Facebook — also considering that they’ve come under fire for serving fake news, post the US election.

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