How to Get a 32-Inch TV for Under $100 This Black Friday

It seems like more and more people are obsessed with giant televisions these days — 50 inches, 60 inches, 70 inches and beyond. They all have crazy features too: they’re curved, they’re smart, they’re 3D and OLED. However, there seems to be such a sweet spot that remains for 32-inch TVs. They’re such a perfect size for both small living rooms and medium to large bedrooms. It’s hard to go wrong with one.

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It’s a rare gem to find decent TVs under $100. Don’t miss the opportunity this year. | Photo: Shutterstock

I’m pleased that this upcoming Black Friday, I’ve seen several online sales and doorbusters offering an incredible deal: 32-inch TVs for under $100. They’re a rare gem to come by and the bang for the buck is extraordinary. Don’t pass up a brand new TV at that cost because I don’t see them priced like that at any other time of the year. Here are three ways to get a sub-$100 32-inch television for Black Friday 2016.

Insignia 32-inch TV at Best Buy

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Photo: Insignia/Best Buy

This Insignia 32-inch TV is already on sale online and in stores for $99, that’s $40 off the retail price of $139. It’s a very basic 720p HD television with a basic 60Hz refresh rate, LED backlighting, two HDMI ports and one USB port. The two HDMI ports is particularly useful so you have one to hook up your cable box and another for perhaps a Roku box, Chromecast, or video game console. There are no bells and whistles here that make this a premium TV and it’s not a “smart” one either. It just works.

I own a 32-inch Insignia TV myself and have no problems with it. It might not produce the most amazing picture quality, but it looks perfectly good enough to my untrained eye. Also, if you have any concerns about 720p vs. 1080p, 720p is more than adequate in a 32-inch TV when viewing from a normal distance.

Polaroid 32-inch TV at Target

Photo: Polaroid/Target

This Polaroid 32-inch television is available as a doorbuster at Target. That means you’ll have to arrive in store at a local Target on Black Friday in order to claim the special deal — it’s not available online. The regular price is $159, but it’s going be just $85 in store which is seriously incredible. It’s your basic TV similar to the Insignia in specs: 720p, 60Hz refresh rate, LED, but it does have three HDMI ports for even more flexibility with connectivity. Plus, Polaroid is a more familiar brand than Insignia.

Three HDMI ports provide for even more flexibility with connectivity.

If you can make it to a Target on Black Friday, hurry in before this sells out. At only $85, this Polaroid is the least expensive TV on this list and likely the cheapest 32-inch TV you’ll find anywhere.

Hisense 32-inch TV at Kohl’s

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Photo: Hisense/Kohl’s

Bear with me because this one comes with a slight catch. The Hisense 32-inch TV here sells regularly for $179 and will be on sale on Black Friday for $119. That technically puts it over the $100 mark, but if you buy it you’ll also get a $30 Kohl’s gift card. That’s not quite the same as $30 in cash, but if you’re a loyal fan of Kohl’s you can easily spend that Kohl’s cash in store. That would, in a way, bring the price down to about $89. If you don’t regularly shop at Kohl’s, you might want to skip this one though.

This doorbuster (read: in-store only) deal is another with much of the same: 60Hz, three HDMI ports, USB, headphone jack… you get the picture. I particularly admire the modern look and thin bezels on the Hisense too. Grab it in store for $119 with $30 Kohl’s cash back.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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