is a Good Vine Alternative for Music Lovers

When Vine was first introduced it took the internet by storm. The social media platform’s 6 second looping videos were weirdly awesome. Maybe the extremely short Vine format forced users to be more creative.

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From funny videos to short music clips, you could find it all on Vine. Unfortunately, it was recently announced that Vine which is owned by Twitter will be closing down. This is no doubt sad news for the millions of Vine users out there, especially for the content creators.

The loss of Vine is sad but the social media scene moves quite quickly and the content creators and consumers who used Vine will move on quickly as well. Speaking of moving on, there is an app which shares some similarities with Vine called that is really stirring up some interest.

What is

Singers such as Jason Derulo and Ariana Grande have made use of the platform to promote their music. is a social media platform which lets its users share and discover creative 15-second videos. The app is geared towards music and you will see a lot of fun lip-syncing and dancing videos on it. In short allows for the creation of instant music videos. The creators of proudly proclaim this on their website.

Edited Musical Ly Website isn’t only for your teenaged sister however. Even singers such as Jason Derulo and Ariana Grande have made use of the platform to promote their music.

Although may not be as well known as Vine currently, it is gaining steam and could be the next big thing. According to CNN, the app has around 20 million monthly active users. This number is noticeably less than the other  popular platforms out there such as Instagram but the app undoubtedly has lots of potential.

In fact CNN points out that users spend about 3 and a half minutes on average using the app. In comparison, people usually spend around 2 minutes on Instagram on average and about 1 and a half on Snapchat according to the same CNN article.

The app is available on the Google Play Store, in the iOS App Store and on the Amazon Marketplace.

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How To Use

One of the most exciting aspects of is the challenges.

A good place to start is how to actually create videos with First, you need to click the Add button pictured below and then you can begin the creation process.

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There are 3 main variations to how you create videos. You can start making your video in the following ways:

  1. Pick music you wish to use first and then create your video.
  2. Shoot your video first and then add your music
  3. Use an already existing video from your library and then add music
M2 1

You can add a number of color effects to your videos after shooting them.

Musical Ly Effects

The Party option is another cool feature which is worth checking out. Party mode allows you to create collaboration videos. Click on the Party button seen below in order to start your party.


After creating your video you have the choice of uploading it and making it public or to save it privately.

You can also do duets with other members. With a duet each user records their own part to a mutual soundtrack and the 2 are combined to create an awesome collaboration video.

After you have created your awesome videos you can share them via other social media networks as well.


Finally, one of the most exciting aspects of is the challenges. Challenges allow you to strut your stuff and show off your skills based on pre-determined criteria.

For example the latest challenge is #Dangerous25. The cast of Michael Jackson: One which is a Michael Jackson based Cirque du Soleil production will pick their favorite video and basically give them a shoutout on social media. This may not seem like much but its a sure way to boost one’s social media profile, not to mention the fun factor involved.

#Dangerous25 is an official challenge but you will also see challenges which are featured elsewhere such as the famous water bottle challenge. These type of videos are usually short making the perfect platform for showing them off.

Final Thoughts

The Vine app will soon be gone but Twitter assures us that they will keep our favorite Vine videos available on their website which is a nice consolation. On the bright side now we have Its creators are always making changes in order to make the app more appealing to users. Let’s see how big it will get.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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