Pokemon GO to Receive a Massive Update in December


One of the most popular game on mobile devices this year, Pokemon GO, is releasing a major update by the end of the year that will allow the players to battle and trade Pokemons with one another.

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In addition to the features mentioned above, Niantic Inc is also going to add more features to the game including Baby Pokemon, which can then be evolved to adult ones over time. This feature is said to be in replacement to the egg-hatching feature which was previously available in the game.

The mobile game became a rage among mobile phone users across the globe soon after its launch in July 2016.

It became so addictive that people would linger around outside their homes just to catch a Pokemon and hit PokeGym’s where they can pit their Pokemons against an opponent’s or search for Poke-stops to replenish supplies.

It was being said that the game will lose its popularity with passing time unless Niantic Inc. updates it with new features, but the previous update didn’t disappoint.

Health Gauge | Flickr
Health Gauge | Flickr

The last update brought in the ‘daily quest’ feature into the game, which has received good feedback from Pokemon GO players as it gives them something interesting to do every day.

With the new update, players will be able to battle it out against one another and will also be able to trade Pokemon amongst friends and fellow gamers.

According to GamenGuide, Pichu (a baby Pikachu), Cleffa (a baby Cleffairy) and Magby (a baby Magmar) are few of baby Pokemons that are going to make their way into the game with the latest update.

There have also been speculations that Niantic will be launching a line of legendary Pokemons along with the latest update, particularly Tyranitar, which will have a maximum combat power of 3654 — supposed to be incredibly powerful.

The company is also testing the ‘Nearby feature’, which it discontinued soon after its launch in the summer, and speculations persist that it’ll soon be re-released in one of the future updates.

Nothing is official yet, as Niantic Inc. is yet to announce a detailed list of upgrades that the game will see in the upcoming update, both on Android and Apple devices.

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