6 Things in the S8 That Will Make Samsung Great Again

It’s a make-or-break device for Samsung. Following the fiasco of the Galaxy Note7, the Koreans will be betting big on their next flagship device. The Samsung Galaxy S8, successor to the popular S7. We’ve heard plenty of rumors surrounding the device and we’d like to see all of these elevate Samsung back to the top, while President-elect Trump rallies his supporters to, you know, yeah. That.

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What will it take to make Samsung great again? | Image: Wikimedia Commons

1. Should Not Explode

Self-explanatory. Should never ever happen again. Moving on.

2. Killer Design

Even though there are some rumors suggesting a bezel-less design, it seems unlikely that Samsung will take such a bold step. It’s way too risky at this point to experiment with the whole look of the phone, but that doesn’t mean that Samsung shouldn’t take a chance if it feels confident enough. While the Mi Mix from Xiaomi is already creating ripples with its design, we expect Samsung to possibly not experiment too much.

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Image: Xiaomi

So, we’re ruling out a bezel-less and a foldable phone. Both are way too risky. But a more refined curve design that we saw in the S6 edge+? Yes, that’s more practical. This will also give Samsung a chance to work on their display technology too.

3. Spectacular Display

So will the S8 be the first Samsung flagship with a 4K display? There is some grapevine that suggests in the affirmative, but we’d like to take this with a pinch of salt. On a smaller 5-odd inch display, the difference between 4K content and 2K content is going to be minimal. The more interesting news is the tech being used for the display.

Samsung S7

AMOLEDs might be given a pass this time around to a more power-efficient OLED display. Since color saturation and contrast can be managed by better software implementation, we’re more excited about the energy efficiency bit than the move to the newer OLED. If this can improve battery life by ~40%, it’ll be a major win for the Korean giants.

4. Brilliant Cameras

With Apple’s iPhone and now the Pixel from Google really making giant strides in camera tech, Samsung has to step up its game. The low-light performance of the S7 is still very good, but the iPhone 7 and Pixel have excellent overall performance and some great features to boot.

Shutterstock 488506192
The dual camera system allows the iPhone 7 Plus to produce amazing depth-of-field shots. | Photo: Shutterstock

Surely Samsung will dig deep to find a better sensor to power the S8. Better than any flagship on the market, with hopefully the right image processing.

5. AI to Blow Siri and Google Now Out of the Water

The newest move in Silicon Valley has been about Artificial Intelligence (AI). A digital assistant that can help you with your digital life sure sounds nice, but neither Siri nor Google Now have perfected it yet. Samsung should take this opportunity with both hands to make a product that can blow these 2 competitors right out of the water.

Google Now On Tap

This won’t just be a bold move to take on the other big names in the smartphone market, but also to make a statement that Samsung always has had better tech on their flagship devices when compared to other OEMs.

6. Timely Android Upgrades

One of the reasoning behind Pixel’s launch by Google seems to be around roll-out of Android updates. While other OEMs take their own sweet time in getting those out to end-users, Google’s own control of the phones will make it easier for them to push out upgrades to Pixel phones.

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Photo: Google

Samsung shouldn’t go hiding in a corner, but rather come out punching and announce that their newest flagship will get the latest Android updates as soon as they are out. It’s not about competing with other Android makers, after all. A little company from Cupertino is laughing all the way to the bank in a fragmented Android world, even when they haven’t sold as many products.

Voting for Change?

Do you think that Samsung will follow a democratic process and vote for major changes for the S8? Or will a dictator-like figure rise and make his own calls to run the show? Make use of our comments section, where you will never be judged or asked to leave.

Also, we don’t like making walls. Just saying.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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