Browse Faster and Better in Internet Explorer 8 With Accelerators

Internet Explorer has never been at the top when it comes to web browsing, yet it is still one of the most widely used browser on the planet and that is why we continue to highlight features that make IE useful and dare I say exciting? The fact that they are making an honest attempt to innovate and streamline their browser is a good sign for Microsoft, and one of the features they brought into Internet Explorer 8 could even help to enhance your web browsing experience.

Accelerators for Internet Explorer help you get what you want out of the web as fast as possible. Highlighting a piece of text or a URL link brings up a blue icon which can be clicked on to bring up a menu (shown below).

Accelerator Right Click Menu

From here, you have a variety of actions to choose from that can be applied to the highlighted text. You can email it, map it, search it, translate and more without the added time it takes to copy and paste. More accelerators can be found here to add more items to the above menu.

Accelerator Download Page

As you can see, there are options to integrate your Facebook account as well as your Hotmail account to the list of Accelerators for easy sharing with your Facebook friends and email contacts. There are a lot of pages to look through that are full of more Accelerators. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding one to suit your unique needs.

Let us know what you think, and be sure to share any helpful Accelerators you find along the way.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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