3 Ways Online Resume Makers Can Help You Wow Employers

Whether you like it or not, the digital revolution is happening. From electronic signatures instead of hand-written ones to NFC facilitated payments, digital methods of doing things are here to stay. Moreover in many cases these methods are more effective than traditional means.

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It should only seem natural that this logic applies to resumes as well. Most of us reading have probably never created a resume online. The usual process is to create the resume on an offline tool like Word and then email it.

Nothing wrong with the method but there’s a better way. With the several excellent online resume makers out there today, you do not have to go through the hassle of creating and formatting your CV from scratch.

Overall, using an online resume maker can be a major asset in creating interest on the part of potential employers in your job applications and ultimately wowing them.

So let’s go through three ways online resume makers can help you to impress potential employers.

1. Awesome Templates for an Awesome First Impression

Online resume makers provide multiple well-designed templates. While you can design your own template offline, it is likely to take more time. You should also note that unless you have a knack for design, an online template will usually offer better designs than what you end up making offline.

All these templates require is filling in of blanks and slight modifications here and there. It really doesn’t need to be more difficult than this; you already put in the work getting those killer qualifications.

Take a look at this EnhanCV resume template below for example.

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Such a well-prepared resume is a competitive advantage in today’s times.

2. Show Off More of Your Skills

Showing off skills by adding links, videos and images becomes easy. For instance, if you are applying for a video editing position at a company, what better way to sell yourself than to put a link within your resume to your online portfolio of videos.

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3. Sharing In An Instant

Although you are more than likely to encounter a traditional job interview, sometimes you may need to demonstrate your competence for a job on the spot. For this reason, it would be useful to be able to instantly display/share your resume. Most web based CV makers facilitate this by enabling users to quickly share their resumes. You can download them and send them, yes, but you can also quickly pull up your profile to show to a prospective employer. Plus you can quickly send out a link to your online resume.

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Most of us are constantly connected these days, which makes this method of sharing a no-brainer.

Even if you prefer to do things old school, using an online resume maker should be considered. These tools allow for the production of high quality resumes. You can populate them with lots of relevant information and are easily shareable.

We have already covered some great online resume tools here. I also recently came across Uptowork which looks promising (paid tool, though).

So, next time you send out your CV, make sure to try out the online route. Hopefully, it’ll contribute in helping you to land that coveted job.

Last updated on 10 February, 2022

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