4 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Your Hal­loween Party

George Tinari

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to turn up the spook factor. After all, can you even have a Halloween party without some themed iPhone apps? Okay, you probably could… but you’d be surprised how much a few apps can really elevate the scene.

Elevate your Halloween party with these cool, free iPhone apps. | Photo: Shutterstock
Elevate your Halloween party with these cool, free iPhone apps. | Photo: Shutterstock

These four iPhone apps do exactly that. They’re mostly free and contribute lights, sound and gameplay to a Halloween party. Whether you’re throwing a monster bash or attending one soon, definitely keep these apps on your phone to bring the haunted night to a new level.

Halloween Spooky Sound Box

halloween-spooky-sounds-box-headsup-light-magic-strobe-dead-yourself-iphone-apps-2 halloween-spooky-sounds-box-headsup-light-magic-strobe-dead-yourself-iphone-apps-1

The Halloween Spooky Sound Box app comes with 96 different sound effects. Some of them are downright corny, but most of them are pretty creepy. It features everything from shrieks and scary dialogue to door creaks and ominous music.

Every so often during the night, whip out this iPhone app and discreetly play a sound or two to either get a laugh or freak out the most gullible. The app lets you rearrange the sound effects too so you can put your favorites at the very beginning of the list.

The app also has a toggle for looping the effects. If you just want some creepy music playing throughout the night, turn the loop on and choose one of the tunes. Then leave your phone or maybe a Bluetooth speaker in a corner and set the tone.

The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself

halloween-spooky-sounds-box-headsup-light-magic-strobe-dead-yourself-iphone-apps-8 halloween-spooky-sounds-box-headsup-light-magic-strobe-dead-yourself-iphone-apps-7

You don’t need to be a fan of the show to get a kick out of The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself. Just take a picture of your face or someone else’s, align the eyes and mouth and in seconds you have a variety of extremely terrifying zombie interpretations. I guess I must be hypersensitive because I was a little creeped out by how detailed the final results ended up being. The app includes 40 different zombified special effects.

Guests at the Halloween party should get a kick out of snapping photos of themselves or friends and sharing them on social media. They’re sure to stick out on at least a few Facebook news feeds.

Heads Up

halloween-spooky-sounds-box-headsup-light-magic-strobe-dead-yourself-iphone-apps-3 halloween-spooky-sounds-box-headsup-light-magic-strobe-dead-yourself-iphone-apps-4

At just about every social gathering I’ve been to where people were playing games, Heads Up is always one of the first suggestions. It’s a total crowd pleaser — there’s no denying that.

One player has to select a deck of cards in the game based on the category they’re most knowledgable in. Then that player holds the phone on his forehead. The timer begins and the audience has to describe the word or phrase on screen to the person holding the phone. That person flips the phone down when the answer is correct or up to pass. As a bonus, the phone also films the audience so when the round is done, you can all watch and laugh together at everyone’s attempts.

At just about every social gathering I’ve been to where people are playing games, Heads Up is always one of the first suggestions.

Unfortunately, there is no Halloween deck but it’s still so universally loved, you’re bound to find one that everyone enjoys. Blockbuster Movies is a great category, Hey Mr. DJ for music lovers and of course Adult Supervision for when the kids go to bed.

Heads Up is $0.99 and includes some of the decks, though the rest are available for an additional $0.99 each.

Light Magic Strobe Light

halloween-spooky-sounds-box-headsup-light-magic-strobe-dead-yourself-iphone-apps-5 halloween-spooky-sounds-box-headsup-light-magic-strobe-dead-yourself-iphone-apps-6

The Light Magic flashlight and strobe light is exactly what it sounds like. It turns your LED flash on the back of your iPhone into a cool strobe light for an awesome effect to have going during a Halloween party. Better yet, it can also sink the strobe with the music by detecting surrounding audio and flashing the light along with the beat. It works pretty well in my tests, and the louder the better. It’s no light show, but Light Magic should certainly impress a few folks who enjoy a little light in all the darkness.

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