42 Science Tweets from Neil deGrasse Tyson to Blow Your Mind

If you’re a Science aficionado, you probably know Neil deGrasse Tyson already. If not, then you may want to catch up on the reboot of Cosmos, the series which originally featured noted Scientist, Carl Sagan. Besides pointing out mistakes in Sci-fi movies, Tyson also tweets about science and its impact on our culture. And if you’re wondering why we’ve picked 42 as the number of his most notable tweets, then we can only point you to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Neil De Grasse Tyson
Let Neil deGrasse Tyson blow your mind, 1 tweet at a time | Image: WikiMedia Commons

1. Birthdays on Pluto

How old would you be if you were born on Pluto? Well, it takes 248-human years to complete just one orbit around the Sun, so let’s get our calculators and tweet back to Neil!

2. Birthdays on Other Planets

On other planets, Neil has already done the calculation for us. Now, if only we can figure out how.

3. Animal Intelligence

Some tweets aren’t all about Science, rather the understanding of things based on scientific knowledge. This was one such example.

4. Fast as Lightning

Who says Astrophysicists don’t enjoy movies and sports? This tweet surely proved otherwise.

5. Perspective on Things

If you look at things with a different perspective, what once looked difficult might not seem that way.

6. Comparing Depths & Heights

Every now and then, Tyson likes to throw in comparisons of sizes of celestial bodies. But he hasn’t forgotten objects right here on our home planet, either.

7. Atmosphere is Thin

Another comparison of a daily earthly object and the Earth itself. Cool, eh?

8. Contact!

Would you? I bet 99% would agree with Tyson on this!

9. Flintstones

Perhaps not everyone will agree, but there’s no denying the importance of metal on humanity. Not the song genre, of course!

10. Cheeky

No need for ‘splainin this tweet, amirite?

11. It’s all Relative

Heard of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity? Get right to it, then!

12. Leap Day

Should we rename it to Catch-up Day? Nah.

13. Futuristic Shipping

Let’s not forget online shopping. Or intergalactic shopping, even.

14. History of Science

Oh yeah, this happened.

15. Red Tape!

Discovery > ineffective process.

16. Oh, Sociology

Different fields of Sciences, ya’ll.

17. Think Big


18. Santa’s Reindeer

Did you know this?

19. Good to Know

Don’t ask how. It just does. Ok? Ok.

20. Keen Movie Observer

This was one of the may jabs that Tyson took at the movie. But certainly the cheekiest.

21. Earth’s Rotation

Don’t try this at home!

22. Moar Bolts!

The bolts, they just keep on coming.

23. Leap Seconds

Leaping faster than we’ve ever leaped before.

24. Ant & Whale

For comparison: a Blue Whale’s tongue weighs as much as a fully grown Elephant.

25. Algebra Geeks

Brush up on your algebra skills, kids!

26. First in Space

A dog was in space long before a human.

27. Alien Questions

What would your first question be?

28. Saved for Pi-day!

Try memorizing this number.

29. Energy & Football

You ain’t gonna question Football injuries now, huh?

30. Happy Christ.. err..

This is the most re-tweeted tweet from Tyson’s account. It raked up a bit of controversy, too, before people went back to their calmer selves. He explained the success of this tweet in a Facebook post. More than 140 characters were needed, see.

31. Poor February!

So how does this affect the tidal waves? Maybe another time, another day.

32. Earth be Traveling Like..

All that traveling must be hard for our planet.

33. Time & Space

Time moves in mysterious ways. So does Jupiter.

34. Tyson, the Movie Critic

And this tweet was one of the many jabs he took at Gravity, the Sandra Bullock hit from 2013.

35. Try at Own Risk

When objects are in free fall…

36. Movie Critic Continues

Interstellar wasn’t spared any jabs either. Here’s a tweet about the unlikelihood of Earth like planet near a Black Hole.

37. ISS Got Speed

Well, it is traveling in space, after all.

38. B-O-R-I-N-G

A call to the scientific community to be more creative.

39. Romans Without 0

So, who invented zero? Depends on who you ask.

40. NASA’s Space Program

If only they had enough funding.

41. Plants are Weird

They like green, they hate green. It’s complicated.

42. Bend Over and What?!

Perhaps don’t do it in public, should be a disclaimer.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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