How to Upload Your Own Mix to Spotify and Apple Music

It looks like SoundCloud finally has some competition from the larger streaming services. One of its biggest features, separately uploaded mixes, has now arrived on both Spotify and Apple Music. That means DJs are now able to upload their own remixes to songs legally.

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This comes after an agreement with Dubset for both services. The issue with letting these remixes onto Spotify and Apple Music was always a financial one: how would the original artists get paid? Thanks to Dubset’s MixScan technology, it’s able to identify which song or songs a remix samples and put proceeds toward the original.

Now that mixes are allowed on Spotify and Apple Music, what does this mean for you?

Remixes Stay Under Artist’s Name

When a remix gets uploaded to Apple Music, it stays under the original artist. As of now, there is no way to go to a DJ page and view all of their remixes for different artists. Sure you could search for a DJ and probably get all of their remixes that way, but they aren’t treated as proper artists like they are on SoundCloud.

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Hopefully this will change soon because it’d be nice to see remixes organized this way. Then again, there aren’t very remixes available on Spotify or Apple Music just yet. More will accumulate over time.

According to TechCrunch, the first remix of this kind to land on Apple Music and Spotify is DJ Jazzy Jeff’s remix of “Room In Here” by Anderson .Paak — a favorite of mine, I might add.

Mixsets are Coming Soon

Dubset CEO Stephen White also told TechCrunch that next on the list is full mixsets. You might be familiar with these if you’ve ever been to a night club or dance party. The DJ just plays what seems like an endless stream of different songs. They all have their own remix to them and they blend perfectly into one another so the music never pauses.

Mixsets would be especially fantastic for anyone hosting a party of their own.

It’s not entirely clear how when mixsets will come to Spotify and Apple Music. Perhaps they haven’t struck a deal yet and White is just being optimistic. Mixsets would be especially fantastic for anyone hosting a party of their own though. You’d just need a streaming service, pick out an hour-long mixset and you don’t need to worry about managing a playlist for your guests.

User Content is Still Limited to SoundCloud

As fantastic of news as it is that these DJ mixes are on Spotify and Apple Music (with full-length mixsets in the future) SoundCloud still has an edge. If I recorded a cover of my favorite song with just my voice and piano, I could upload the file to SoundCloud in seconds. That’s still not possible with either Spotify or Apple Music.

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The remixes that are appearing on those services now are filtered through Dubset’s MixBank, which has its own members list of verified DJs and producers. A day where anyone can upload music this way to a streaming service is unlikely due to legal complications, so for now SoundCloud is still the go-to for community music.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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