New WhatsApp Feature is Like Snapchat, Here’s How to Use it

Instant messaging platform WhatsApp doesn’t wanna be left behind in the world of ever-changing social media. While Snapchat has reincorporated itself as Snap and moved to hardware, WhatsApp has now introduced Snap-like stickers, emojis and doodling features to its image sharing feature.

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What’s New

The new update (available only to Android users right now, iOS coming soon) allows you to add emojis, stickers, text and doodle yourself on an image that you’ve just clicked and want to share with your friends.

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Images that you import from gallery won’t get any of these options. However, when you click on the camera icon and are able to see your gallery of camera roll, images and videos shared from there are eligble for these new features.

How it Works

To get started on the new feature, firstly ensure you are on v2.16.293 of the app. If not, update it from the Google Play Store and then follow along.

Since the feature works only on images clicked with camera within WhatsApp, head to any friend’s conversation and then tap the camera icon. From here, click the image you want to share and then you’ll see the option to add emojis, text and doodles in the top-right corner.

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Rather than using these for fun, use them to show your friends the right way to your apartment complex, maybe? Or caution signs to avoid the barbed fence? Well, either way, it is a feature that will add more functionality to WhatsApp and keep existing users happy.

Works with Videos Too

The stickers feature isn’t for images only. Videos that you share from your camera roll or the ones you’ve shot from your phone can also get a taste of the fun. Simply tap the camera button in a conversation window and either select a video from the camera roll or shoot one.


Then, it’s the same process that we’ve seen for images. The above gif file is a preview of my silly attempt at adding quick text and emoji to a random video.

Other Updates

There have been a few other updates to WhatsApp over the past few weeks. Things like adding contacts via links, which can be useful when you merely want to send links to multiple people whose phone numbers you haven’t added yet.

Invite Link

You can either create a new group and then share that group’s link, or click on Add participant of an existing group from the group info and then the very first option you see there is the one you need to tap on. From here you can share the link with other apps, or via WhatsApp or simply copy it and then paste it where you want.

Happy Messaging?

Are you still enjoying WhatsApp? Or have you jumped ship to another platform? Let us know in the comments section.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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