4 Bluetooth Earbuds With Best Battery Life

If you’re looking to switch to wireless earbuds for the first time, one factor that might be holding you back is that you’d have to charge them. Wired earbuds and headphones have the advantage of drawing power from the audio source and as such, don’t have a battery or need recharging. With wireless, that’s not the case.

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Even worse, many of the earbuds on the market have pathetically low battery life in the four to six hours range. If you listen to a lot of music, that battery is going to drain real quick. Going from never charging your audio device to charging it every few days or more is a huge adjustment.

To remedy this problem, we’ve rounded up great earbuds with some of the best battery life you can find. They won’t take away from the pain of having to recharge them, but at least you won’t have to do it as often. All of these earbuds have eight hours of total battery life or more.

JLab Audio’s Epic2

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The Epic2 sport earbuds are just about everything you could want out of a Bluetooth headphone. They come with an abundance of different size silicone tips to ensure a good fit, built-in remote and microphone, are water-resistant with an IPX5 rating, sound great and have phenomenal 12-hour battery life. That’s practically unheard of among Bluetooth earbuds. Lauren Goode of The Verge named Epic2 earbuds the best wireless headphones for running and complimented the comfortable fit and extraordinary battery life.

12-hour battery life is practically unheard of among Bluetooth earbuds.

Most importantly, the Epic2 earbuds won’t entirely break the bank. They sell for $99.99.

Jaybird X2

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If you already began your search for wireless earbuds, you probably came across the Jaybird X2s at some point and for good reason. The X2s are known in the wireless world as some of the best Bluetooth earbuds especially for athletes. They ship with both silicone and foam tips, have a lifetime warranty for any damage from sweat and include ear fins for a secure fit. On the topic of battery life, the X2s offer eight hours and plenty of Amazon reviewers have attested to that.

While the list price for the Jaybird X2s are $149, you can find them on Amazon for only $99.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit

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The BackBeat Fits are the coolest-looking sport earbuds to me for some reason. I really love the simple design and really thick wire, which should be durable and far less prone to tangling. The controls are oddly placed on the earbuds themselves rather than on an inline remote as with the Epic2 and X2, but perhaps you might prefer this. They boast an impressive water and dust-resistance rating of IP57 as well as eight-hour battery life, on par with the Jaybirds.

The Plantronics BackBeat Fit earbuds are $129, but they’re as low as $75 on Amazon. They also generously come with an armband accessory for your smartphone.

Apple AirPods

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Okay, so Apple AirPods don’t technically get at least eight hours of battery life on their own. The charging case is so impressive though that I think they deserve the final spot on this list. When AirPods debut at the end of October, Apple promises five hours of playback. But the included storage case charges the AirPods when they aren’t in use for up to an additional 24 hours, which is remarkable. So you could tuck these AirPods away for 10 minutes at the gym, pull them back out and have more battery life than you did before.

Unfortunately, AirPods aren’t exactly made for athletes without a cable between them. At $159, they’re positioned to be the most expensive option on this list when they arrive. If battery life is your top priority and you can wait for the release, the 24-hour AirPods are top-notch.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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