Google Home Launching on Oct. 4? Here’s What We Know

Talking to your home appliances could just get less weirder. According to a report on Android Police, Google is set to announce their ambitious Amazon Echo competitor – the Google Home. And it will launch for $129, making it $40 cheaper than Amazon’s. If you don’t know what these products are, then let’s get that sorted first.

Google Home

Voice Command Devices

Amazon Echo is a cylindrical device with a height of 9.25-inches which listens to your commands and helps you out with almost anything. Think of it like a Siri for your home, who’s always listening to you. Google Home is made on similar lines, which was initially showcased at this year’s Google I/O event.

In fact, they’ve even had a website running for a while, but doesn’t give too much info about the device. The video above is a better explanation of what you can expect from Google Home and it does look like it is a godsend device for us ‘dumb’ humans.

Internet of Things

These devices are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) campaign where everyday products will have network connectivity enabling them to communicate with each other. That’s how, in the video, the Google Home device is able to send the fastest route to the guy’s smartphone as well as show Alpha Centauri on the TV.

Google Home is based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and enabled interconnected devices.

This has already raise some concerns as far privacy is concerned. Imagine a microphone in your living room, bedroom and every other room, listening to your every word. Google has heaps of information about all of us anyway, but this might just be one step too far.

Also Launching

According to the report, Google is also going to launch the Chromecast Ultra for $69, which will have support for 4K content. Though details about the features are not yet out, HDR is confirmed by one of the sources.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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