A Review Of SpiderOak, An Online Data Backup and Sync Solution

Data backup is something we’ve talked about time and again. And we intend to keep doing that. Why? Well, in spite of so much of advice and information available on this topic, people still don’t take data backup seriously. That’s why.

Today, we will take a look at SpiderOak, an online data backup and sync solution.


SpiderOak will back up your data to the cloud,

synchronize your files

with other computers, and allow you to share files online with friends, family, and whoever else you want. It is a full-featured, cloud-based solution to your file storing needs and it has a lot to offer.


SpiderOak’s Official Download page has the download file available, and once it is downloaded and opened up, installation is simple and straightforward. It will ask you to create a username and password for your SpiderOak account, which you will use to access your documents via the desktop client or the SpiderOak webpage.

Breakdown of the Features

Lets take a look at some of the features this tool has to offer.

1. Data Backup

The Back Up page is basically just a place for you to specify what files you would like to include in a backup. Each category corresponds to a folder on your computer, even files on your Desktop are given a chance to get backed up.

Back Up Page

In the above screenshot, the bar at the bottom shows you how much space your selected files will take up in your cloud storage. It is also color coded to help you see which folders are taking up the most space. You get space worth 2GB for free and there is also the option to buy more at $10/month or $100 dollars a year for a 100 GB increase. Their pricing page has more details.

2. Sync

True to its name, this section of SpiderOak allows you to set up one or more folders to remain synced between two of your computers. You are able to name the sync anything you wish and provide a description as well.

Sync Page

3. Share

Here is where you can create a room to share the files of your choosing with another person. Give them the Share URL for web browser access or else provide them with the name and RoomKey for online desktop access.

Share Page

4. View

The View tab gives you an overview of all the files that are currently backed up in the cloud. It is very thorough and allows you to go right into your folders, offering a very specific view of your back up.

View Page


SpiderOak has some really great features and it was a speedy program that ran very smoothly, without any hiccups. The variety of features is sure to please some users, but it can also be a turn off for others. I think they sacrificed the beauty of simpler programs like Dropbox for a wider range of syncing options. Regardless, it is worth a look and a download for sure.

Let us know what you think!

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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