Google Launching New Pixel Phones on October 4

Apple have launched their iPhone this year, which means Google can’t be far behind. They have sent out invites to an event which will be held on October 4 in San Francisco to launch some hardware made by Google. That pretty much clears all doubts that October 4 will be the date when Sundar Pichai and co. will showcase their newest phone lineup to the world.

Android Nougat Pixel
Google has sent out invites for their Oct. 4 event | Asif Islam / Shutterstock

Goodbye Nexus, Hello Pixel

This event is going to be special for another reason. Well, special might not be the choicest word, but it will be the event where Google finally kills the Nexus name. They stuck with it till last year and called their products the Nexus 6P and 5x, when a year earlier they had launched the Nexus 6. There can’t be a Nexus 7 as we already have a tablet by that name.

So a renaming of sorts was already on the cards and most rumours suggest that Pixel will be the successor to Nexus. Google have also created a website confirming the fact that these phones will be marketed as ‘Made by Google’ even though HTC is most likely the manufacturer for these. The webpage also lets you sign up to get relevant information about the new Pixel phones.

Two Phones, One OS

Of course the focus of attention on the event will be on the phones. Again, rumors point to two phones in the Pixel lineup – which will be named Pixel and Pixel XL. Continuing with their strategy of two different phone sizes, the Pixel will likely be a 5-inch device whereas the Pixel XL will be a 5.5-inch phone. They will both run Android Nougat, which will also be at the heart of things, at the launch event.

Not just the phones, but Android Nougat will also be showcased in its final form.

From what we’ve seen already, the successor to Android Marshmallow is quite a change from previous Android OS’. It has done away with the app drawer and comes in-built with multi-window support, a feature that plenty of OEMs had bundled with their own custom ROMs.

Other features are also known since LG’s V20 is the first device that launched with Android 7.0 (Nougat) preinstalled, breaking another norm of Google’s phones being the first with the newest OS preinstalled.

The newest leaks of the phones suggest an Aluminium unibody, fingerprint sensor on the back, single camera setup with a single LED flash. Nothing spectacular, but we have to remember that these are leaked images and nothing has been known for sure, yet.

Get Hyped!

Android fanboys unite! After all the hoopla surrounding the iPhone 7 launch and the terrible fate that the Note7 has met with, it will be good to see Google leading the way and launching something awesome. What do you guys think?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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