Google’s AI Powered Messaging App May Launch This Week

At Google’s annual I/O conference earlier this year, the company announced two new apps – Duo and Allo. While Duo has been on the Play Store for a while, Allo has not yet seen the light of day. But according to Evan Blass, the guy who’s been leaking info of several products before they launch, Allo might be launching this week.

Google Allo
Google’s Allo may be launching very soon | dennizn / Shutterstock

Smart Messaging

Although the app is available on the Play Store, the only option you get is to register. Nothing really happens once you register, though. So, what is so special about this app that has got even leakers and writers excited?

For one, Allo doesn’t need your Google account to identify you. It can use your phone number as your primary identification and this will allow you to see other users who are on Allo. Sounds a lot like WhatsApp? It is. With one key difference. It’s powered by AI.

The Allo app will have a Smart Reply feature, which will learn how you communicate with your friends and co-workers and what your likely reply is going to be for common questions. The more you use Allo, the smarter it gets and it can predict your replies quicker.

Looks kinda cool, doesn’t it?! But, wait.. there’s more.

Google Assistant to the Rescue

Don’t know where to watch the latest Marvel movie? Or need to know the quickest route for a bunch of friends to a particular restaurant? You can do that with Google Assistant – Google’s version of a chatbot that can help you get the information you need. Without ever leaving the Allo app. It also will work in a group chat and will let you bring things like Search, Maps, YouTube and Translate to all your conversations.

There’s also things like checking your agenda, your flight details and photos from your last trip. This can clearly be seen as a major step by Google as a nod to the importance of messaging as a platform. What used to be a simple app is now turning into something a whole lot more and we’re sure everyone is excited to see how this turns out.

Google Allo has a built-in Assistant which can do a whole lot of things for you, like chatbots on other messaging platforms.

We’ve already seen how useful such bots can be in Telegram and Facebook Messenger, but since we’re ever-dependent on Google for searching things for us, this can be a game-changing app. But, let’s wait and watch.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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