Facebook Launches Groups Discover Feature in India

Facebook Groups are thriving in India, with the social media giant claiming that there are 80 million active users per month. No wonder then, that India becomes only the 3rd country to get the Facebook Groups Discover feature, after the US and UK. The feature is aimed to help users find more meaningful groups which they can actively participate in.

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Choose your area of interest to find new FB Groups

Why Will it Work

It’s often hard to find like-minded people in your area of interest. Facebook Groups were launched with the aim to connect with such people and sharing ideas, knowledge, etc. Adit Vaidya, Facebook Product Manager for Groups, explained,

Very often the reason people turn to Groups on Facebook is because they’re looking for advice, for suggestions from similar people, or others who might be in a similar situation.

And it’s no small number of people who are looking for advice and suggestions. Facebook has reported that India has 155 million Monthly Active Users (MAU) with more than 77 million reported as Daily Active Users (DAU).

How Will it Work

If you are on your Home page on Facebook, then you should be able to see GROUPS on the left hand side panel. Clicking on it will then show you 2 options – the first tab will house all the Groups that you are a part of and the 2nd tab is the Discover option. Initially, these suggestions will be based on interests that you’ve already searched or based on your existing group memberships.

Currently, this feature is available only on the website, but both the Android and iOS app will be update to incorporate this feature. Surprisingly, no word on the Groups app itself getting this feature, at the time of writing. There are also 25 different categories right now that a user can choose from, varying from parenting to buy & sell and a lot more.

There are other features  added to Groups as well. Users can now directly reply to specific comments as well as dragging and dropping a file for easier usage. Facebook also spoke about some interesting stories around women which have been using Groups, including one where a group of women got together to crochet the world’s largest blanket.

Interesting use cases like a group of women crocheting the world’s largest blanket should entice more users to use the Discover Groups feature.

Since safety is a big concern on social media, Groups are encouraged to pick ‘Admins’ who will enforce strict guidelines and avoid bullying and cheating cases.

Group Lover or Hater?

Even though I’ve enjoyed using certain Groups as being part of the Tech Media, we’d like to hear what your thoughts on this are. Would you love using it or do you hate it as much as those annoying Candy Crush requests? Connect with us in our comments section.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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