Should You Switch to Android for a Headphone Jack?

Every time Apple releases a new iPhone, people question their choices in life. Is it time to switch to Android? Is it time to switch to iPhone? Well now that the iPhone 7 officially doesn’t have a headphone jack, some folks are looking elsewhere for a phone that does. But is it time to make the leap to Android so you can use your accessories the way you always have, or is Apple really right to bank on a wireless future?

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Much like our post on whether to buy a dedicated video camera, we’ve put together another survey. Maybe you have too many 3.5 mm accessories to give up or maybe you don’t need a headphone jack as often as you’d think. Answer the questions below to determine whether it’s a good time to switch to Android.

Answer based on your own context, but pay attention to which letter you’re picking for each. By the end you should notice a pattern and that will help you determine your results below.


1. How often do you currently use accessories with a 3.5 mm headphone jack?

A. I use the 3.5 mm headphone jack every day whether it’s for my earbuds or the auxiliary cord in my car.

B. I use the 3.5 mm headphone jack every few days just as needed.

C. I use the 3.5 mm headphone jack every so often, but I also have other accessories like Bluetooth headphones and a USB port in my car.

2. What kind of headphones or earbuds do you own?

A. I tend to buy high-end accessories. I take my music pretty seriously and my current pair of 3.5 mm-equipped headphones weren’t exactly budget-conscious.

B. I enjoy decent-sounding audio and I splurge a little bit on headphones, but generally don’t spend too much.

C. I use Apple’s EarPods most of the time or some low-end third-party headphones I own. Whatever gets the job done.

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3. How do you feel about having to charge your headphones?

A. Ew. I don’t need yet another gadget that I have to charge and monitor constantly.

B. I suppose I wouldn’t mind charging them. I’d prefer them to have good battery life. The less often I have to charge, the better.

C. I don’t mind at all. Some wired headphones especially with noise cancellation require charging or swapping out batteries anyway.

4. Do you listen to music through the headphone jack and charge your iPhone at the same time?

A. Yes, I do this pretty often. Using up the Lightning port for both functions just made my life more difficult.

B. I have before, but it’s not of huge concern to me if I can’t. I guess if I’m listening to music and my phone dies, I’ll figure out something else to do. Maybe I’ll take up knitting.

C. Rarely. It’s either never crossed my mind to do this, I charge and listen only occasionally in the car, or I have Bluetooth headphones.

5. Have you considered switching to Android before?

A. Yes. It seems to have most of the same apps as my iPhone and maybe even more features. I also don’t use many of Apple’s own services.

B. I have, but something has always kept me from switching. A new and improved iPhone comes out, I get stuck in a contract, or I feel locked down into Apple’s ecosystem. I’m somewhat invested in iCloud and/or iTunes.

C. Not really, but the missing headphone jack seems a little over the line. I could probably go about my day just fine without it, but isn’t it better to have one just in case?

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6. How many 3.5 mm-equipped accessories do you own and regularly use?

A. Three or more.

B. Two.

C. One or zero.

7. How Many Bluetooth accessories do you own and regularly use?

A. One or zero.

B. Two.

C. Three or more.

Your Results

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If you answered mostly A, the iPhone 7 isn’t for you. You’re way too dependent on that 3.5 mm headphone jack, you aren’t quite ready for the wireless world and it’s not worth upgrading all your accessories right now. That’s totally fine, but just know it’s also not worth buying an iPhone 7. Explore the iPhone 6s, still with a headphone jack, or explore one of many Android options. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or LG G5 are good places to start. Just don’t get one that explodes.

If you answered mostly B, you’ve got a difficult choice to make, sorry to break it to you. You use the headphone jack a decent amount, you’re somewhat invested in Apple’s ecosystem, but yet you also might own some Bluetooth accessories or dare I say Lightning-equipped headphones. What you should do in this situation is start looking at other new iPhone 7 features like the new camera, faster processor and new colors to determine if the pros can outweigh this potential con. Browse Android phones too — they have great features as well without having to sacrifice your headphone jack.

If you answered mostly C, you’re in the clear. You probably just got caught up in the hype surrounding the lack of a headphone jack, but it’s really no big deal. You either have Bluetooth accessories, are willing to upgrade to them or can stick with Lightning EarPods for now. Plus, you use iCloud and/or own other Apple devices too much. It wouldn’t be worth the time and effort to move to Android for a measly port.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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