The Best Apple iPhone 7 Event Spoofs

For years, people online have been making hilarious parodies of Apple event keynotes. Every year it seems like there is something different to laugh at. This year is practically a gold mine though: the iPhone 7 is very controversially lacking a headphone jack, includes a dongle, and didn’t receive a major redesign despite being due for one in Apple’s tick tock product release cycle.

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It wouldn’t be an Apple event without some video parodies. | Photo: Apple

The headphone jack has already sparked a wave of memes on social media. Plus, plenty of critics within our tech bubble have been laughing at Phil Schiller chalking up the port’s removal to “courage.” In fairness, he probably could have used a different word — maybe bold or even innovative.

Well don’t think for a second that the parody creators of the internet didn’t hop right on this year’s opportunity. Several iPhone 7 parodies have made their way onto the web just days after the Apple event wrapped up. If you’re in the mood for a laugh, prepare for quite a few if you appreciate some good ol’ iPhone humor.


jacksfilms has over 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube and has been making parodies for years now. I’ve been a close follower and even down to the latest iPhone 7 parody, they’ve still got it. I laughed a little too hard at the Hot Topic reference, plus the Sia performance.

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel, late-night talk show host here in the U.S., put together a small comedy skit about the iPhone 7 event. It’s not long but it gets the point across in just a few seconds, mostly accusing Apple of failing to upgrade the iPhone with any meaningful new features this year.


This next video is a parody of Apple’s product introduction videos it usually makes for larger releases. You’ve seen them before: the typical white background, an Apple executive looking off to someone presumably next to the camera, and Jony Ive saying “a-lew-min-ewm” one too many times. This parody tackles just about everything in the new iPhone 7.

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert is another late-night talk show host that made a skit similar to Jimmy Kimmel. Colbert got up on his imitation Apple stage and sarcastically announced that because Apple likes minimalism and removing features so much, the new iPhone is actually just a useless sheet of metal. And in case you ever crave some human interaction or have a question that needs to be answered… well, introducing the Apple iFriend, a human companion to help out.

CollegeHumor (NSFW)

CollegeHumor is known for its funny viral videos and parodies and the iPhone 7 didn’t go unnoticed. This spoof claims the iPhone 7 is worse is just about every way from the 6s… oh and that Jony Ive might be evil. Yikes.

All India Bakchod

This clever video is a parody of the 107-second “Don’t Blink” promotional video Apple released for the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2.  “This… is… 6, oops we mean seven.”

Max Payload

Max Payload’s creative parody mocks the entire iPhone 7 event itself with a speaker and a custom presentation to announce the “least original phones we’ve ever created.”


Mashable’s parody makes fun of what the potential iPhone 7s and 7s Plus might be in 2017, plus phones behind those. The microphone is missing in favor of a camera that reads your lips and so is the Home button because “every screen should feel like home.”

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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