Review: Remove DRM With NoteBurner iTunes Audio Converter

With plenty of converters available on the interwebs, it’s hard to pick a single one for a single function. But NoteBurner is one such converter that can remove DRM and convert your existing media into other formats. It claims to be faster than its competition and converts media without corrupting your existing files.

Apple Music
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DRM Refresher

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a necessary evil and a polarizing topic. Whilst some uphold its virtue of protecting the rights of copyright holders, others argue that it’s a hassle for paying consumers to endure. As you don’t really own the songs you have downloaded via Apple Music, you still can’t enjoy them on other devices which don’t have your Apple Music account. This is where NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter comes in real handy.

Important Note: This guide is for personal use only. Do not circulate decrypted eBooks or music over the internet or using any other media. According to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

Removing DRM from Apple Music Songs

Navigate to the iTunes DRM Audio Converter for Windows page (Mac users can go here) and select either the Free Trial version or the Buy Now option. Once you download and install it, it’s pretty easy to get started and remove DRM from the files you own via Apple Music.

Drm Convert Note Burner

Once you launch the software, click on Click Here to Add Audio which will then open a small pane with your existing iTunes library. Here, you can either select one or multiple songs for DRM removal. Use the Windows keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl and Shift for easy selection.

The software lets you select the path for the output file as well as the format you want that file to be in. The conversion is pretty fast and works well. The free trial will only convert the first 3 minutes of each song though.

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The overall performance was very good and there weren’t any major issues with the software. The output files were clean without distortion and I could easily play them on my smartphone and other computing devices. Even with other programs (like Chrome, Gimp, VLC Media Player) running in the background, NoteBurner worked very well and did not slow down in its operation. And I have a rather basic home PC which doesn’t even have an Intel i3 Processor.

The good thing with NoteBurner is that they keep their software updated with the latest version of iTunes. That’s something that competitors aren’t doing that well.

Removing DRM from Videos

If you’d instead like to remove DRM from videos purchased (or rented) from the iTunes store, then navigate to the M4V Converter Plus for Windows webpage (Mac version available too). There are same options here, either to try it for free or buy it outright.

M4 V Converter

Just like the Audio Converter, the M4V Converter will also check for iTunes being present on the Windows. From the main M4V Converter window, click on Add Movies to select the movie that needs to be converted. On the bottom right, you can even change the output format. The advanced encoding technology helps here to speed up the process.

Again, there is an option to convert the format if that’s what you want. You can even get further control by changing other major attributes like video codec, video bitrate, video size, audio channel and audio bitrate.

Price Slightly on the Higher Side But Does its Job Well

The NoteBurner DRM removal tools are great to have but feels a little on the expensive side at $44.95 for the video converter and $39.95 for the audio converter. The speed of conversion is good though and so is the overall performance.

So if you’re someone who needs smooth DRM removal from your iTunes library and not worry about nagging problems and corrupted media files then NoteBurner is a good option to have.