Samsung Set to Recall All Galaxy Note 7 Devices Worldwide

In an unsurprising move, it has been reported that Samsung will issue a worldwide recall of their Galaxy Note 7 devices. This follows of reports that some devices exploded while being charged. If you own a Note 7 yourself, or know someone you do, then read on.

Note 7 Might Explode
Be careful while picking up your Note 7 | Image courtesy: Samsung

Quality Issues

It Scratches! Oh No, it Scratches!

The YouTube video that perhaps started the questioning on quality issues on the Note 7 was directed more towards Gorilla Glass 5. We’ve already spoken about how Corning had tried to make it more shatter-proof, but it seems that scratching wasn’t as good as previous generations of Gorilla Glass.

Scratched Note7
Image courtesy: YouTube

We’ve heard from Corning on their side of the story too, but since the Galaxy Note 7 was the first device to be shipped with the new glass, it started a snowball effect which hasn’t yet ceased.

Batteries be Exploding

While the glass getting easily scratched may not be that bad, but an exploding battery sure is. We’ve already spoken about why a battery might explode while charging, but here it’s more of a quality control issue. As reported by Reuters, Samsung was already considering recalling the Note 7’s worldwide, to replace the batteries. Now it’s almost confirmed that they will.

Shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 are being delayed due to additional tests being conducted for product quality.

This was a statement made by Samsung a while ago, while responding to delays of shipments of the Galaxy Note 7. It appears that they weren’t unwarranted.

We’ve also seen some photos of phones that have exploded being posted by users, and the South Korean media have reported some other cases just like this.

Img 0147 E1472808514477

Hyundai Securities had said in a report on Thursday that the Note 7’s problems appeared to be related to modules or parts, and such malfunctions should be resolved within a few weeks.

If You Own a Note 7

Since it is almost certain that Samsung will be recalling all their Note 7 devices, here are few steps that you ought to immediately do.

  1. Back-up all data to the cloud or on your computer.
  2. Stop using the phone as your primary device.
  3. If you have to charge the phone to back up data, use the data cable with a computer. The power output should be much lower than what you’d get from a wall unit, lessening the chances of an explosion.
  4. Keep the Note 7 in a cool environment, away from direct sunlight.
Update: Since this article was published, Samsung has gone ahead and made an official announcement

Future Moves?

It’s difficult to gauge what Samsung will do next, but it has to act quickly to ease the nerves of their investors. Another not-so-successful flagship launch will really dent their chances of regaining lost glory.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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