Reliance 4G Jio Launches with Disruptive Offers for Indian Users

Reliance is not unfamiliar with the word ‘disrupt’; in fact, they have been at the forefront of disrupting various business sectors in India. We’ve already seen how the Jio 4G roll-out is ruffling feathers and generating hype, but now we have the details about what exactly can users expect in terms of data and voice plans. You might wanna fasten your seat belts for this, folks.

Rjio Mukesh Ambani
Mr. Mukesh Ambani is all smiles | Image courtesy: PTI

1. Tariffs – Your Money, Your Wish!

This is where Reliance had tried to capture the market back in 2002 with their CDMA plans. With the promise of ‘the largest infrastructure and services rolled out by any new entrant anywhere in the world’ it seemed Reliance will surely capture the market. Though it wasn’t successful to do that back then, this time can be quite different.

Jio 4 G Tarrif Plans

Why? Because instead of offering handsets for Rs. 501 and then charging premium for their service, Jio is offering free voice calls, without extra charges for roaming. Not as a preview offer, but forever. And data is offered for Rs. 50 per GB. That’s almost 5 times as cheap as the competition and no telecom operator offers free voice calling with no charges for roaming.

2. Network – VoLTE Like Never Before

Telecom players are notorious in upgrading their existing infrastructure due to high costs involved. Thus, when 3G was rolled out in India, telecom companies had to retrofit. But on Jio, there is only the infrastucture related to the Internet.

4 G Lte
Voice over LTE has already shown its mettle | Shutterstock

That’s what makes the all IP design from Jio the most extensive and future-proof, as per Mr. Mukesh Ambani’s statements earlier today.

3. Devices – Old Habits May Die Hard

There are plenty of 4G enabled phones in India, but not many that cost less than Rs. 5,000. Perhaps none that cost less than Rs. 3,000. But Mr. Ambani has announced new Lyf phones from Rs. 2,999 to Rs. 5,999. They also announced the 4G LTE JioFi router at Rs. 1,999.

Cheap phones and even cheaper rates for data. Would Reliance Jio prove a winner?

Although Reliance had tried a similar strategy in 2002, they are probably betting on Jio’s superior claimed network. Only time will tell if this holds true.

4. Services – Customer is King

Reliance have stated that they have a capacity to acquire a million users a day. A new redesigned sign up process will roll out in Mumbai and Delhi, with the rest of India following within six weeks. They want to make the on-boarding experience as simple as possible, with e-KYC process giving users a new connection within 15 minutes.

Getting a new Jio connection could be as easy as buying an ice-cream.

Hype or Game-changer?

It’s a little too early to comment whether this time Reliance will truly capture a nation’s imagination and set it on an information highway. Since the announcements were made, their competitors have suffered heavy losses on the stock exchange, though. Is this a sign of things to come? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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