7 Things We Want Apple to Announce at the iPhone 7 Event

It’s official: Tim Cook will announce the new iPhone to the world on September 7 at The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Will it be called iPhone 7? How many variants will there be? Will anything else be launched along with the next iPhone? What do those dots on the invitation mean? There are many unanswered questions here, but here are some things that we’d really like to see in the iPhone 7.

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1. Forget Audio Jack: Fix iTunes!

There’s been a lot already said about the (apparently) missing 3.5 mm audio jack in the new iPhone. Whether or not Apple decide to go with it, we think that Apple should first fix the broken iTunes system. There are so many issues with it right now that it will merit its own post; heck, we’ve actually written some ourselves!

I Tunes Ui

But more than worrying about a new industry standard for audio, Apple can you please fix iTunes once and for all?

2. No More 16 GB Variants

Although this seems a given, we’d still like to stick our heads out and say it for the record. No more 16 GB iPhones. Period! We have more than 2 million apps in the app store and the most preferred iPhone has always been the one with lowest storage option (because, price). But how many of those apps can you enjoy on a paltry 16 GB phone? 50 maybe?

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Greater storage in the base model will also make it easier to store more of your 4K videos and high-resolution photos on the device itself. Cloud storage is good, but sometimes it just makes more sense to have more space to play around.

3. Wireless Charging

Apple has been keeping away from a move to wireless charging, but we’re hoping that the iPhone 7 can break this trend. Since quite a few major Android players are moving to this standard, we expect the Cupertino company to jump on the bandwagon and delight their customers even more.

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Whether some kind of fast-charging (for wireless charging) will be available or not, still remains improbable. But if anyone can pull an unexpected rabbit out of their hat, you know who can.

4. Water Resistance

Another industry favorite among Android smartphone makers, Apple has yet to reveal anything on the lines of research for water resistance for their iPhones. Again, it’ll make good sense to have it implemented, before it becomes a norm by early next and Apple users are waiting for September.

Imagine using your iPhone at the beach, or a pool or just about anywhere.

5. Higher Pixel Density Display

Now, in no way we’re saying higher pixels are better, because Apple has one of the best displays in the market even without it being full HD in resolution. But we can’t imagine that it would hurt to have a really high pixel dense display on an iPhone.

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Since YouTube has already moved to support 4K resolution on their desktop player and are slowly moving their game upward even for mobile devices, it could be perfect timing for Apple to implement this.

6. Stereo Speakers

Well, this might be a bit of a stretch, but we didn’t really expect so many speakers on the huge iPad Pro, did we? But Apple surprised us all with no less than 6 speakers firing in different directions on the iPad Pro, which gives me some hope of seeing a possible implementation of stereo speakers on the iPhone.

A stereo audio effect is so much better compared to mono in any situation.

It’ll be perfect for the casual gamers, YouTube addicts watching the newest unboxing video while on their commute, or just re-living your own videos from the phone’s gallery.

7. An Improved Apple Watch 2

When the Apple Watch came out, it was received with mixed reviews and even more confusing sales pitches. At WWDC this year, we’ve seen what watchOS 3 is capable of and we’d love to see a smarter implementation of hardware for the Apple Watch 2.

Your Predictions?

Do you think that the iPhone 7 will lose the physical Home button? Or will come with an A10 processor that will totally destroy the Android competition?  We’d like to hear your thoughts in our comments section.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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