Common Jio 4G Issues and the Best and Easiest Fixes for Them

Reliance Jio… the next big thing in the history of the Telecom industry in India, or I should say, it’s already a big thing even before its public launch. With unlimited 90 days voice calls, text message, unlimited video calling, and high-speed 4G Internet connection without any Fair Usage Policy (FUP), Jio has started disrupting the Indian Telecom Sector.

Most of the people who have got access to a Jio 4G SIM through the offer are either using it on a dual SIM device (as MNP is still not available) or as a hotspot to utilize unlimited data.

However, there are a few roadblocks one might face even after the SIM is activated which can include no network or no internet connection on the device. So in this article, I will talk about the top 3 issues one might face on the Jio network and the easiest fixes for them.

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1. The Curious Case of Jio Network on Dual SIM Phones

After the SIM is inserted in a dual SIM 4G smartphone and still there is no network coverage, or it shows For Emergency Calls Only, the very first thing that needs to be checked is if the SIM is in slot number 1 of the device.

Customer Care representative might even ask you to clear app data, reset the device or even give an application to get the SIM replaced. Simply ignore them.

Customer Care representative might even ask you to clear app data, reset the device or even give an application to get the SIM replaced

The reason is, even though most of the devices say 4G dual SIM feature, the second SIM slot can only support 3G/2G network. Therefore, to be on the safer side, it’s always advisable to use the first SIM slot.

Still, if the device is not able to latch on to the network, and a manual network search does not show Reliance Jio in the list of available networks, check the cellular data preferred SIM.

Jio (2)

Make sure it’s set to Reliance Jio and also the preferred network type is 4G (LTE). Thereafter, the device can either search for the Jio network manually or simply reboot the device to get the network.

Jio (3)

I am still not sure what causes this, but I have seen this trend on Asus, Xiaomi and OnePlus devices.

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2. Fixing the APN Settings

While for some of the devices and lucky users, the APN settings are pre-configured or delivered as configuration messages using SMS, there are many for whom the settings are just blank. These APN (Access Point Name) settings are very important for the device to establish an internet connection.

Currently, there is no way to get Configuration Settings SMS from Jio if you haven’t received it automatically.

So to manually set it, head over to Android Settings—> Cellular Network—> Access Points Names. Once there, tap on the plus button to add a new APN and type in Jio4G and jionet in Name and APN fields respectively and leave everything else as default. Finally, save and activate as default APN.

Jio (4)

Now when the data connection is on, the device will be able to connect to the internet.

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3. Non-VoLTE Phone? No Problem

Jio is a 4G VoLTE network and therefore it needs a VoLTE phone to make calls directly using the default dialer. However, even if your phone is non-VoLTE, there’s an app for that to make things right.

Jio (5)
Jio (6)

JioJoin is an app using which you can make 4G calls to any number without the VoLTE network. If both the users are using the JioJoin app, they can even do a video call or even share files directly. The only thing to note here is that the app requires a lot of permissions like calls, media, microphone etc. to work.

Also, as the app constantly needs to be connected to the Jio network, it should remain in memory and not be killed by task managers.

4. The Curious Instance of Jio Chat App Not Working

JioChat, available on both Android and iOS isn’t much different from the likes of Hike or WhatsApp. It has the option of instant messaging, video calls and voice calls. However, the introduction of the Jio KBC Play — after the launch of the Kaun Banega Crorepati season 9 — is an added perk for the internet-happy JioChat users.

However, an huge problem that seems to be afflicting the Jio users is that the JioChat App fails to work sometime. To add to it, there’s sometimes the issue of ‘network not available’ error.

To add to it, there’s sometimes the issue of ‘network not available’ error.

If the first two failed to resolve your problem, make sure that the app in question is up to date. Many a times an outdated JioChat app fails to load properly and even it does so, it results in mid-play crashes.

Apart from that, do check the Internet connection. Most of the time, a mere toggle of the Mobile data switch in the Quick Settings menu results in proper network connection again.

Did you know as a JioChat user, you can both have both one-to-one and group messaging?

Watch Out for More

These were just the top 4 issues I have observed that people face most. However, if there’s any other issue that you are facing, or if there are any questions about Reliance Jio 4G you would like us to answer, leave us a comment and we will be happy to help.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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