4 Reddit Android Apps that Work Like an Extension

Reddit is one of the best places on the internet where you can find unique and amusing stuff. You can have fun, increase your knowledge or freely debate on a topic with strangers and prove your point. Reddit is quite popular with Android users, with the Play Store hosting dozens of client apps that help you browse with a better user experience. However, there are some Reddit apps which are developed for specific tasks. For example, searching Reddit or simply browsing pics and GIFs on Reddit. So I explored such apps and present you the best ones below. Let’s dig in.

Reddit Client Apps Android

Does your Reddit app consume more memory? Here are some lightweight alternatives you must try.

1. Search for Reddit: Quickly Search Reddit

Want to find out if a web page was shared on Reddit? Want to see on which subreddits a web page was shared? Search for Reddit brings you the ease to find out if a web page was shared on Reddit and lets you access that page by just sharing the web page to the app.

Search For Reddit 1
Search For Reddit 2

All you gotta do is share the page with the Search for Reddit app and the app will show you the results. You can then tap on the thread to view it in your favorite Reddit client or browser.

Search For Reddit 3

Apart from that it even works as a standalone app to search on Reddit. Simply input your query and you’ll get the results. Filters are also available.

2. Repost: Browse Pics and GIFs from Your Favorite Subreddits

Redditors spend a substantial amount of time browsing pics and GIFs on Reddit. Well if you’re one of those photoholics then you should definitely try Repost. Repost is a dedicated app to browse pictures and GIFs on Reddit.

Repost 1
Repost 2

You can download them and even open the thread in a Chrome custom tab to read the comments. It’s got a cool feature to show all the pics and GIFs as a slideshow. You can control the timer settings of the slides in the settings menu.

Repost 3
Repost 4

There’s a lot of customization to do in the settings. You can change the theme of the app and cards in the feed. You can also set filters for large GIFs and NSFW content. It’s a nice little app every Redditor must try.

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3. Cast for Reddit: Cast Reddit to Your TV

Do you browse Reddit on your TV using Chromecast? Well, here’s a dedicated app to ease this task for you. Cast for Reddit gives you a better experience when browsing Reddit using your casting device.

Cast 1
Cast 2

You can play a slideshow of the feed for both pics and videos. The timer can be set for that in the settings menu.

4. Muzei Reddit: Set Pics of a Subreddit as Live Wallpaper

Are you a big fan of Muzei live wallpapers? Then you must be knowing that app is extensible. Meaning you can create extensions for this app and add live wallpapers from other services. Developer Deepak Manoharan took this opportunity and developed an extension for Reddit that shows live wallpapers from various subreddits.

Muzei 1
Muzei 2

You can set your own favorite subreddits and set the timer to change the pic. Refresh only on Wifi is a helpful option to save battery and data usage. And yes, you’ll need the Muzei Live Wallpaper app installed.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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