4 Superb Modern Feedly Client Apps Worth Trying for Android

Truth to be told, I’m a fan of Flipboard to the core when it comes to reading news and blogs. Feedly on the other hand, undoubtedly, is one of the best RSS feed readers in my opinion. In fact, in the past, you’ve seen me compare both Flipboard and Feedly. However, RSS feeds have multiple uses. Maybe you want to track a Twitter account or send the Feed to your email. It’s got many uses and different ways to implement. So today in this article I’d like to show 4 unique and useful Feedly client apps that are available on Android. They can even work as alternatives to the official Feedly app.

Feedly Client Apps

1. NewsFold

NewsFold is a clean and material designed client app for Feedly that you’ll love to use. It has support for Inoreader too. The design is spacious and well aligned, which in my opinion is better in comparison to the official Feedly app. The article feed is scrollable and there are no gestures on this screen, which I think is a good change. Swiping from the left you’ll get all your Catagories and blogs that you follow.

Newsfold 1
Newsfold 2

Swiping the article feed from the right will be marked as read. There are some cool gestures and options that are available in the article view. Long tap on the article to turn on readability. (For the record, the official Feedly app doesn’t have readability support). Swipe from below after you’ve read the article, it’ll open the next article. You can change fonts and their size in the article view itself.

Newsfold 3
Newsfold 4

Apart from that, you can change the theme and from dark to light and sepia. There’s an offline caching feature for unread articles, which you can control in the settings. Also, you get control over sync interval and feed structure customization. It does have ads but you can remove those by becoming a supporter and unlock other features in the process too.

2. Corgi for Feedly

Do you want to make your lock screen more productive and revamp it with Feedly feeds? Well, Corgi for Feedly has the answer for you. It’s a lock screen replacement app that also shows your Feedly feed. The feeds show up as a widget at the bottom you can swipe right and left to find more. A double tap will open the feed. If you want to browse in the card view then just swipe from the right on the lock screen and feeds will show up.

Corgi 1
Corgi 2

Tapping on the feed shows a quick summary. To read the article you can use the in-app browser or just open it in Chrome. The in-app browser has a feature to enable Google’s web light which quickly loads the article and also saves data. You can integrate Feedly and your Instagram feeds.

Corgi 3
Corgi 4

Even if you don’t integrate Feedly, you’ll get news from popular sources regardless of any integration. You get control over the notification and can even set a security to lock your screen. The background image can be customized by adding a custom one or else let the app randomly generate images. It’s a beautifully designed app and a perfect lock screen replacement for the news-savvy.

3. Palabre

Palabre itself is an RSS reader but also provides integration for Feedly (and other RSS readers). Palabre is one of the most customizable apps in the list. Be it the Feed layout, article view or the app appearance, you can customize everything.

Palabre 1
Palabre 2

For easy navigation, you get the categories at the top. A quick Mark as read button is made available above that. It also keeps a history of all the read article which you can access from the History tab. Apart from that, there’s notification support for new articles for specific categories. Readability support is also available. At the end of the article, you get a related content widget for reading similar articles.

Palabre 3
Palabre 4

Three layouts are available whose color scheme can be changed (but, only in premium version). For offline mode, you can set the cache size and also set an article limit that can be fetched. There are enough customizations available in the settings to personalize it according to your usage and liking.

4. FeedMe

FeedMe is another highly customizable Feedly client app and it offers all its customization for free. The design is minimalist and the elements are quite crowded.

Feedme 1
Feedme 2

There’s a lot of customization that you can do. There are 5 different feed layouts available along with 5 themes to suit your taste. In its settings menu, you can choose an automatic mode where the theme automatically changes from light to dark after 6 pm. In the accent settings, you can choose the color scheme of your choice.

Feedme 3
Feedme 4

Readability isn’t integrated with it, you need to externally download the Readability app. Apart from that, there are some cool syncing functions available like sync while charging or only during app launch. For Chinese users, you get a China Mode in which non-VPN users can access blocked content without VPN. Also, you can enable HTTPS connection for more security.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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