7 Free Android Icon Packs to Customize the Home Screen

Openness, customization, adaptability, and freedom are just a few words to describe Android. It’s got apps and tools that can completely revamp the look of your phone. May it’s be about changing the wallpaper, customizing the status bar, a full-fledged launcher or installing a new ROM. Creativity, coolness, and beauty can all be seen in Android. But, among all these, the app icons also play a role in user experience.

Free Icon Packs Android

Many users don’t like the stock icons designed by OEMs. Some icons are just too ugly to look at. So, switching to a new icon pack is the only answer. But first, you need to check if your launcher is popular enough to support the new age icon packs. If you’re using Nova, Apex or any other popular launcher then you’re good to proceed.

This list is our second installment of some best icon packs we love to use. We had shared a few last year. I’ve been trying out some icon packs recently and I’ve found some free ones that are just fantastic. So, without further ado, let’s dig in.

Cool and Free Icon Packs

1. Polycon


Polycon is one of those icon packs that will make you feel the energy and enthusiasm. The icons are bright and well crafted using Google’s material design guidelines. It’s got 14 different folder icons to make each folder stand out from others along with app drawer icons. It also has a collection of Wallpapers to suit these icons.

2. MaterialOS

Material Os 1

Every material design fanatic needs to add MaterialOS in his list of icon packs. It’s one of the best icon packs that’s been strictly designed using material design guidelines.

Material Os 2

It has both circular and square style icons that are pleasing to our eyes. It too has a good range of folder icons to choose from. New icons are added every week with the support of the helpful community on Google+.

3. CandyCons

Candcons 1

Who doesn’t like candies? The name is enough for the candy lovers. CandyCons gives you the feel and taste every time you see the icons. The icon colors are crisp and eye pleasing.

Candcons 2
Candcons 3

It’s got a good amount of variants for a particular app along with icons specifically created for various OEMs. The icons inside the app are well organized under specific tabs and their usage. Wallpapers are available to complement the icons.

4. Rondo

Rondo 1

Want a change from the regular icons? Go for Rondo. It’s got round shaped icons with long shadows stretched till the very end. It supports almost all launchers and popular apps.

Rondo 2
Rondo 3

Apps that don’t support the pack also get a round shape background so that they look similar with other app icons. If you’re looking for some square shaped icon pack with a similar design then you should try Elta. It’s designed by the same developer.

5. Matris

Matris 1

Matris is another material designed icon pack that will revive your app icons. The icon colors are not too bright and are perfectly crafted with necessary shadows wherever needed. There’s uniformity in the color scheme with perfect saturation in colors.

Matris 2
Matris 3

I particularly loved the icons for Google apps and app drawer. It’s also got a collection of material wallpapers that completely blend with the icons.

6. Siru

Siru 1

Siru has some highly detailed icons for your apps. It’s got a perfect combination of color and detailing. Apart from that, it also supports API 24 (Nougat). And, the feature of dynamic calendar icons which is mostly available in paid icon packs is free here.

Siru 2

However, it’s in beta so some popular apps like Flipboard, Slack, and others don’t have their redesigned app icons.

7. Crispy

Crispy 1
Crispy 2

Crispy is not free but is on sale (at the time of writing). What lured me to add it on this list is some of its serious extra detailing. Those vibrant icons are just a pleasure to look at. With over 1200+ themed icons you surely will make a perfect pick.

What’s Your Favorite?

So, which one is your favorite among these? Do you have any other favorite that’s not added here? Let us know in the comments.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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